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SCR retrofitting for Euro 5 diesel: Daimler converts BMW

Hans-Dieter Seufert
SCR retrofitting for Euro 5 diesel
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M artin Pley is angry : 'The general attitude of BMW AG is catastrophic,' says the head of Dr. Pley SCR Technology GmbH and calls the behavior of the people of Munich a 'kindergarten game'. The reason for the mood that could be expanded: The car company continues to strictly refuse to have its older diesel cars with the Euro 5 emissions standard retrofitted with SCR catalytic converter systems from third parties. Many of these BMWs are noticed with excessive nitrogen oxide emissions and are affected or at least threatened by city-center driving bans.

Three installation partners in the Stuttgart area

Dr. Pley is one of those third parties. The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has already approved its SCR catalytic converter for the OM651 diesel engine, which Mercedes built into numerous of its models, as well as that for many Volvo diesel engines. Approval for BMW's N47D20 engine is imminent. The four-cylinder turbodiesel is used in the Munich-based high-volume series and can be found in the X1 as well as the X3 and X5 as well as the 518/520 /525d, 318d /320d /325d and 120 /125d. Dr. So Pley could make many thousands of cars cleaner. And of course earn a lot of money with it if BMW and its dealers weren't so reluctant.

Dr. Pley
The retrofit SCR-Kat from Dr. Pley is already approved for Volvo and Mercedes diesel. BMW will follow shortly.

But Dr. Pley is also inventive, not just in terms of his technique but also in terms of business. And so the Bamberg-based company in the Stuttgart area was able to convince a number of Daimler dealerships to convert vehicles from its Bavarian arch rival in their workshops. It's the Burger SchlozGmbH, Felix Kloz GmbH and Wilhelm Jesinger KG. 'Our installation partners are of course happy about every non-brand customer who is in their hall,' says Martin Pley. It is the free decision of independent car dealers to open up to customers of other brands, which is why they do not fear any sanctions from BMW.

Mercedes pays, BMW does not

your car in a Mercedes Having a workshop converted is not the only toad that owners of a BMW Euro 5 diesel have to swallow. Because BMW refuses to contribute to the costs, the total amount remains with them as things stand, which amounts to more than 3,000 euros for the parts alone. The Daimler Group supports its customers who live in the key regions (including Stuttgart) and want to have their Euro 5 diesel converted with 3,000 euros. Dr. Pley nevertheless assumes that many BMW drivers affected will opt for the conversion, which should be available from December 2019. Just to circumvent driving bans and to preserve the value of their cars.

BMW, however, continues to advise against retrofitting. It leads to a higher vehicle weight and fuel consumption, a spokeswoman for the Stuttgarter Nachrichten is quoted as saying. Martin Pley cannot understand the argument: “Our system weighs around ten kilograms and the additional consumption is 1.2 percent. Nobody notices that. ”


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