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Schleswig Holstein: No more license plate change necessary

Schleswig Holstein
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'We are responding to the wishes of numerous car owners and at the same time helping to break down bureaucratic barriers,' said Transport Minister Jost de Jager on Wednesday ( 6.1.) In Kiel. The aim is to save time and money for car owners

Vehicle documents must still be corrected

He has issued a corresponding exception to the so-called vehicle registration regulation . 'With this decree, Schleswig-Holstein is making the greatest possible use of the legal framework of all federal states.' The waiver of the 're-labeling' also applies if a change of owner is connected with the change of the registration area. However, the vehicle documents still have to be corrected by the registration authority.

The registration authorities in the country, the tax authorities, the insurers and the Federal Motor Transport Authority were asked on January 5th to make the necessary preparations for the change in procedure. The vehicle tax will continue to be administered by the tax office, which is responsible for the assigned license plate. If no application is made to keep the previous registration number when registering the vehicle with the new registration office, the new registration authority will automatically assign a new registration number as before.


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