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Scaldarsi Emperor I: Brabus Mercedes-Maybach S600 tuned

Scaldarsi Emperor I
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Scaldarsi Emperor I costs 1.5 million US dollars

U nd not just one Maybach, but 10 copies. For each of these 'Emperor I' models, Scaldarsi even wants 1.5 million US dollars (equivalent to 1.32 million euros). A lot of money for a lot of bad taste.

After all, when it comes to propulsion, the Canadians leave it to the expertise of the Bottropers. Its Rocket 900 engine, a 6.3 liter twin turbo V12, has 900 hp, delivers 1,500 Nm and is said to let the luxury sedan spurt to 100 km /h in 3.7 seconds. Top speed is 350 km /h.

Exuberant mix of materials

That might even be fast enough to blur the memory of what has just been seen. Because from the not exactly introverted Brabus-Maybach, under the Scaldarsi hands, a luxury liner with an exuberant mix of materials, which is right at the top of the open Liberace scale.

24 carat rose gold, crocodile leather seats, Crocodile leather travel bags, gold Rolex, gold USB sticks, huge rims with gold applications and a grotesquely large cooler in…. Gold. Scaldarsi has a total of 24 colors on offer, plus 78 different woods, 24 types of leather and 16 finishes. There are hardly any limits to individual “taste”. However: We are still missing wing doors.


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