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Save money when refueling with more electricity

We have now optimized our fuel comparison app mehr-tanken for charging with electricity and are the first app to offer ad hoc charging at charging stations without a subscription, a charging card or registration.

With the large number of charging cards in Germany, it is difficult to keep track - yes, it seems almost impossible. That's why we, Motor Presse Stuttgart, in cooperation with our partner elvah, have taken charging to a new level.

One tap and loading can start

As part of the cooperation, elvah developed a widget for Apple and Android. The process on site is very simple: users of mehr-tanken can choose from a list or map view of a total of 30,000 charging stations. Further information such as supported plug types, capacities and the current availability of the charging points is displayed on the associated detail page. The charging process can be started by tapping on the desired charging point using the elvah widget that is also integrated on the detail page. AC charging is currently available for 54 cents/kWh and DC for 69 cents/kWh.

In addition, there is an evaluation for each charging station. It shows the reliability and ease of use of a charging station.

In addition to the classic types of fuel, the tank up more app offers the option of selecting "electricity" as the drive type. In addition, the e-car driver can store their own tariffs and the vehicle. As soon as the app is opened, the charging station mode appears. Here, users can conveniently call up general information about the charging stations, sort by distance or kilowatt, and filter the search by connector type or free charging options. The charging power and charge status can also be set individually.

You can download our free fuel price app "tank up more" in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App .


Only the mehr-tanken-App can do that: search, find, connect, charge charging station - ad hoc, without subscription, registration or fuel card. Thus, mehr-tanken takes charging to a new simplified level.


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