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Savage rival road yacht GTS
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T he is the pioneering spirit of the two Dutchmen Emile Pop and Justin De Boer cannot be rated highly enough. Emile began to put his dream of his own sports car on paper back in 2001. In the first drawings he defined the design of his very personal dream car: the Savage rival Roadyacht GTS. In 2003, Emile was working on a first prototype in his backyard, but he had to bury his lifelong dream for lack of investors. For now.

The young Dutchman then devoted himself to studying industrial design in The Hague. Two years later he met Justin De Boer and told him about his sports car project. De Boer was immediately convinced by the idea and the two revived Pop's dream. In 2008 they founded Bewerp Inc., the company that was supposed to build the sports car called the Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS.

Engine from the Corvette ZR1 in the Savage Rivale

A yacht for the road that should convince with its special body concept and the combination of pure engine power and luxury. The goal: the first four-door convertible coupé for four people. The design of the Savage Rivale is inspired by three animals: According to Pop and De Boer, the cat, bull and snake were the inspiration for the lines of the extraordinary four-door.

A foldable glass roof that opens and closes within 20 seconds was in the specifications of the Savage rival road yacht GTS. It could not weigh more than 35 kilograms. The demands of the two Dutchmen on the engine were just as clear. It should send at least 600 HP to the rear wheels and should not weigh more than 250 kilograms.

When looking for an engine that met the requirements of the two Dutchmen, the choice quickly fell on the one from the Corvette ZR1 well-known small block V8. The modified 6.2-liter engine develops 679 hp thanks to an Eaton supercharger, which is released onto the rear wheels in the Savage Rivale.

The chassis is based on the Corvette C6

Corvette C6 godfather, as their transaxle construction allows for the desired weight distribution of 43 percent at the front to 57 percent at the rearwas particularly useful. Pop and De Boer bought a used example in the USA, which they completely dismantled and extended the wheelbase from 2,685 to 2,700 millimeters. With the help of a total of 35 sponsors, the Savage rival road yacht GTS project has now taken on concrete form. Justin De Boer devoted himself to the body development of the Savage, while Emile Pop drove the chassis to series production. After the first prototype in 2005, the first one-to-four scale model followed on December 1, 2007. The second prototype finally saw the light of day on April 1st, 2009.

Savage Rivale is up to 330 km /h

Enjoyable and fast travel for up to four people has become the Savage written on the flags. The rear passengers enter the interior via doors that open in opposite directions, so-called 'suicide doors'. These also swing upwards, which creates an extra show effect. The interior is supposed to be reminiscent of a yacht, with an interface with navigation, a game console, MP3 radio and a television set providing the necessary luxury on board. A PC is on board, as is a champagne cooler between the two rear seats. Authorized access to the Savage is provided by a special watch that acts as a key.

The targeted performance is quite impressive: The 4.55 meter long, two meter wide and 1.16 meter high Savage rival is expected to break the 100 km /h mark in just 4.1 seconds. Only at 330 km /h should the propulsion of the Dutch flounder come to an end. Tempo 300 should be applied from a standing position after less than 35 seconds. The height of the Koni chassis of the Savage, which weighs 1,280 kilograms, is adjustable. A diffuser at the rear should literally suck the Savage onto the road.

Savage rival road yacht with 679 hp and 730 Nm

The V8 develops its maximum output of 679 hp at 6,200 tours and is coupled to an automatic transmission. The maximum torque of 730 Newton meters is at 4,800 crankshaft revolutions. On the front axle, eight-piston fixed calipers in combination with 380 brake discs ensure sufficient deceleration if required. Four-piston fixed calipers on 355 discs do their job on the rear axle. The two-part aluminum rims in 19 inch format are fitted with 245 tires on the front axle. On the drive axle, tires in the format 325/30 ZR 19 bite into the asphalt.

Savage Rivale should be satisfied with 9.4 liters /100 km

Two 45-liter tanks in connection with the promised average consumption of 9.4 liters per 100 kilometers, should ensure a large range. The trunk volume of 260 liters should be enough for short trips. Interested parties can secure one of the first four copies for a down payment of 65,000 euros. The total price of the Savage is $ 400,000 excluding taxes. Every year exactly 20 Savage rivals are supposed to be in DenHaag.

Racing version Savage Rivale GTR planned

The latest project of the two bustling Dutchmen: a racing version limited to 69 copies is to be created of the Savage Rivale. The racing car, christened GTR, is to mutate into an 'extraordinary, loud monster', whose 6.2-liter V8 is said to produce around 700 hp. The chassis is created entirely in the computer. It is not yet clear when both the street version and the racing car will actually be delivered to the first customers.


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