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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone in BMW M look

BMW is launching the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra as BMW M Edition in Korea together with SK Telecom. There is a lot of M in the packaging.

With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, electronics giant Samsung is launching a new high-tech smartphone. BMW in Korea uses this market launch to launch the Galaxy S23 Ultra in a BMW M Edition together with the local telecommunications provider TK Telecom.

Packaging in the M3 E30 look

The smartphone itself is upgraded with typical M insignia. But what really packs a punch is the packaging of the special edition. The S23 Ultra wraps itself in a cover that stylizes the air intakes on the hood and the kidneys of the current BMW M3. There is also a BMW and an M logo. If the smartphone is switched on, the user is greeted with a special welcome display in the BMW M colors and an M-specific themed screen. Furthermore, the BMW lifestyle app "BMW Vantage" is installed ex works.

Real M fans should have even more fun with the packaging of the edition. The die-cast model is based on the BMW M3 of the E30 generation. The smartphone and the M cover are under the hood. The trunk is filled with a small M photo book and a key fob with the M anniversary logo. However, this can be replaced by six other BMW logos from the brand history, which are also included. In addition, various accessories in the M design, including sunglasses and an analogue clock for the ventilation grilles in the car, enhance the design edition.

The BMW M Edition is limited to 1,000 copies. It can be pre-ordered via TK Telecom since February 7, 2023. The package will then be officially available from February 17, 2023. In addition to the phone, all buyers will also receive a voucher for a beginner driver training course in a BMW Driving Center. SK Telecom quotes the equivalent of around 1,300 euros as the price for the entire package.


BMW Korea uses the market launch of the new high-tech smartphone Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to promote the M brand. There is an M cover and an M screen animation for the smartphone itself. The elaborate packaging comes in the M3 E30 style with all sorts of BMW M accessories. While smartphones only have a short half-life, the edition package should quickly mutate into a collector's item.


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