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Sales figures USA: Jeep pushes an entire industry into the black

Alberto Alquati
Sales figures USA 2018
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F CA USA has the largest among the major automobile manufacturers in 2018 Increase in sales. Both Ram (597,368 sales) and Jeep (973,227 sales) contributed to an 8.5 percent increase in passenger car sales. Jeep itself sold 17 percent more cars than last year, while all five of the larger car brands - Ford (2,381,635 sales), Toyota (2,128,201 sales), Chevrolet (2,036,023 sales), Honda (1,445,894 sales), and Nissan (1,344,597 sales) had to accept declines.

Ford sells an F-Series truck almost every 30 seconds in the US.

A total of 17.3 million cars, including light commercial vehicles, were sold in the USA in 2018. Jeep alone sold almost 145,000 more vehicles in 2018 than in the previous year. In total, the automobile manufacturers sold around 96,000 vehicles more than in 2017 (17,241,387). 69 percent were so-called light trucks such as a Ford F-150 and 31 percent were cars. In 2013, the proportion of light trucks was 50 percent. Last year, the sales of light trucks grew by 7.7 percent to 11.98 million vehicles - a level never before reached. For the first time since 2005, Ford was able to sell more than 900,000 vehicles of its F-series pickups - that means: an F-truck falls off the production line almost every 30 seconds, even at night!

Tesla quadruples sales

In contrast, the sales figures for cars fell by twelve percent. And they would likely have fallen even further if Tesla hadn't brought the Model 3 to the streets in the second half of the year. The Elon Musk brand quadrupled its sales to 191,627 vehicles. Nevertheless, not as few cars have been sold since 1958 as inlast year: 5.4 million.

The brands Subaru (680,135 sales) and Hyundai (667,634 sales) celebrate great success. The Korean brand posted record sales in the US for the tenth year in a row and landed in seventh place in the admission ranking.


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