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Saleen S1: dates, information, market launch, price

Saleen S1 (2018)
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S teve Saleen was the founder and owner of the tuner and sports car manufacturer of the same name . After financial difficulties, he had to part with the trademark rights - they were merged into the Chinese joint venture Jiangsu Saleen Automotive Technology Co. Steve Saleen himself continues to take care of the tuning of US models with a new company. Under the Chinese-run Saleen label, however, a new sports car is now competing at the LA Auto Show.

Steve Saleen at the presentation

Pedestrian traffic slows down a little here on the way from the South - to the West Hall. Along the light-flooded corridor under the glass roof, a small group of people stands in front of an orange mid-engine sports car. Behind it hangs a large white banner with the last name of a man and the car in large red letters: Saleen. Steve Saleen is the unassuming man with Vollbbart less full head of hair and a little glamorous jacket that can be photographed with visitors before the car under spontaneous applause

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Top speed is 290 km /h

According to the brochure, the orange Saleen 1 is only 4.36 meters long, 1.94 wide and only 1.19 high. The round shape with the many air inlets and outlets looks a bit like an elongated Elise from Lotus, the rear is reminiscent of the Alfa Romeo 4C, but the car is better proportioned, less stocky. Of its curb weight of just 1,218 kilograms, it distributes 58 percent to the rear axle and 42 to the front.

With the correspondingly good traction, the 2.5-liter engine should drive the Saleen 1 from 0 to 96 km /h Accelerate for 3.5 seconds. Saleen says the top speed is 290 km /h.

There was no information yet about prices for the new sports car. In any case, it should be available in 2018. An electric version of the Saleen S1 will also be available from 2018.

The Saleen S1 is to be built in a plant in China that is currently under construction. Around 150,000 cars per year should be able to roll off the assembly line there from June 2018. Most of it should not be S1, but cars, SUVs and crossovers.


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