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Saab takeover secured: Spyker receives EIB loan for Saab

Saab takeover secured
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I in Zeewolde in the Netherlands, Spyker shareholders simultaneously voted for General Motors (GM) as the previous owner to the negotiated conditions of sale.

All that's missing is the signature of the contract

For the Saab takeover is now only pending the signing of the takeover contract with GM it was said in Stockholm. Sweden's Economy Minister Maud Olofsson said on the radio that she was 'delighted with the successful conclusion of a very long journey'. Until recently, the financing of the takeover by Spyker boss and majority owner Victor Muller was considered questionable. Olofsson asked Muller on the radio to name other unknown financiers of the takeover.

Production at the company in Sweden, which as a GM subsidiary has almost always been at a loss for twenty years, rose from 100,000 to almost 20,000 last year Car fallen and now stands still. Spyker wants to increase it to 120,000 vehicles within one year.


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