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Saab sale: Spyker shortly before the contract is signed

Saab sales
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D as writes the 'Financial Times' on Sunday (January 24th) . The deal could already be officially announced on Monday.

The crux of the matter is Saab's long-term financing

Business circles have confirmed that the negotiations were going in a good direction. 'Ultimately, however, that is not yet a guarantee for a deal,' said the company. General Motors declined to comment when asked.

Saab is running out of time. GM boss Ed Whitacre has already commissioned a consulting firm to liquidate the traditional automaker. At the same time, GM is talking to three investors. The Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker is a favorite.

The US group had rejected the previous offers as having no concept and too low. Whitacre had asked for $ 450 million. In addition to the purchase price, Saab's long-term financing had turned out to be the sticking point. GM wants to prevent the ailing daughter from crashing uncontrollably after a sale.

In addition to Spyker, the bidders include Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, who has joined forces with the Luxembourg investment company Genii Capital , as well as the former MAN boss Hakan Samuelsson, who has gathered several Swedish investors around him.

In its 20-year history as a GM subsidiary, Saab has almost consistently posted losses and slipped into the past year like its mother Insolvency. Thanks to government aid worth billions, GM has now managed to restart.


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