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Saab finds partners: long-term cooperation with Dongfeng

Saab finds partners
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B already In July, both partners agreed to work together in vehicle development. Now, in the future, there will also be cooperation in the areas of purchasing and sales.

Dongfeng offers development aid, no more models under the Saab label

Dongfeng wants to support National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) with resources from the development center in Tianjin, open its dealer network in China and help NEVS with the production of its electric models. In return, NEVS offers Dongfeng help with the technical adaptation of its models for overseas markets as well as support with the development of the markets in Europe and North America. The new models from this cooperation are no longer offered under the Saab brand name. The Swedish arms company and trademark holder Saab had revoked the Saab trademark rights from NEVS when it went into bankruptcy in 2014 and is currently not ready to grant NEVS the corresponding rights again.

The Chinese car maker Dongfeng is through various joint ventures with Renault, Honda, Kia, Nissan, Infiniti and PSA networked. The Chinese hold a 14% stake in the latter.


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