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Saab before the end: Saab fans vent their anger

Saab before the end
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With the title 'Griffin Up! - In support of Saab Automobile', Blumfeld's own composition was released as a video with pictures and driving scenes from the Saab portfolio published on the online portal YouTube. Under the motto 'Save Saab', Ryan Emge from s aabhistory.com to draw attention to the tense situation and to encourage GM officials in Detroit to rethink. To do this, he wants to mobilize as many Saab fans as possible, who will gather with their vehicles in front of the GM headquarters in Detroit for a 'protest drive' before the next decision deadline on January 7th.

There is also outrage among German Saab fans about the precarious situation, as can be seen from numerous user comments here on auto motor and sport.de: 'Tedd' is of the opinion that GM has understood nothing, neither of the product nor of the business. And 'Swisstroll' even speaks of an 'indictment from GM, which Saab has run into the abyss and is responsible for the fact that one of the most individual car brands in the world is now being broken down into its individual parts! Saab made in China! What a disaster What a shame. Now it's getting dark in the automobile sky. The last bright star has gone out with Saab. '

Saab rescue on a knife edge

In fact, it stands Swedish carmaker Saab's survival through a sale to the Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker Cars continues on a knife edge. In Detroit, however, there is more skepticism that a deal will actually be reached. On the other hand, there is still hope at Saab to come to a sale.

Company spokesman Eric Geers confirmed to the dpa that GM is still in contact with Spyker Cars. Geers explicitly denied media reports that GM should have granted the Dutch an extension of the deadline until January 7th. 'The situation has not changed since mid-December,' said Geers.

GM had already decided to liquidate Saab, which currently has 3,400 employees, but gave the green light for new negotiations after a 'last-minute' offer from Spyker. According to information from works council and union spokesmen in Stockholm, there should be other interested parties. Saab has been serving as aAlmost all of the GM subsidiary incurred losses.


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