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Rüffer Camaro Troubleshooter: The desert is shaking

Rüffer Camaro Troubleshooter
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R üffer calls its Camaro 'Troubleshooter' R750 6.8 - the name gives it The Camaro is fired by a V8 engine that has been bored out to 6.8 liters. Of course, the peripherals have also been adapted to the hot and dusty desert use. The vacuum cleaner has an output of 750 hp and provides a maximum of 670 Nm torque The exhaust gases are allowed to escape quite loudly from four stainless steel tailpipes as thick as an arm, which should hardly bother anyone in the desert.

Elevation for the Camaro

Because a Camaro would get stranded relatively early in the desert despite a lot of power, Rüffer has the troubleshooter a full raise and a fully adjustable chassis with long Missed suspension travel. Special high-performance desert tires should ensure the propulsion of the rear-wheel drive vehicle.

Should customers have any further individualization requests, no problem, at Rüffer each model is assembled and adapted by hand.


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