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Ruf Roadster 3.8 in the driving report: Exclusive ride in a coupé-convertible

Rossen Gargolov
Call Roadster 3.8 in the driving report
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S onnenschein, 21 degrees and endless country roads. The latest creation from Ruf will be perfectly attuned to their new home in these autumn days in the Unterallgäu. 'Sun Valley, California' reveals the future territory of the exotic from the address stored in the navigation system. The first Ruf Roadster 3.8 ever built will breathe the mild California breeze through its air inlets from November.

Homage to the '67 Porsche 911 Targa

'Visually, the car is like our eRuf Roadster Reminiscence of the '67 Targa, 'explains Alois Ruf, pointing to a poster with the entire history of the 911. Fresh air pleasure with Targa roll bar and retractable plastic rear window - a combination that was first presented by Porsche at the IAA in September 1965 and went into series production from model year 1967.

Today at Ruf you can look back through three-layer polyglass. Without the smallest crease, of course, because at the push of a button the driver can tension the flexible rear window with the help of an electric motor and a cable via a switch in the center console. As with the retro model, the plastic pane opens with a zipper. 'You can hear the boxers singing best when only the rear window is open,' enthuses Ruf. If you don't just want the hair on your neck, but also your entire head, you can also remove the two halves of the carbon roof.

Two steel girders are hidden under the aluminum Targa bar, which are firmly connected to the floor pan and thus serve as full rollover protection. But there is more to the three-month complete assembly from a bare coupé body to the finished Ruf Roadster.

As a reminder of the Carrera RS 2.7 from 1972 and 1973, the Ruf Roadster 3.8 has a carbon trunk lid with a rump wing. The mirrors come from the Ruf CTR 3, while the front apron with LED technology for indicators and parking lights can also be found on the Rt 12 S. For the dynamic Targa appearance, the Ruf Roadster not only has 19-inch forged wheels in the company's own design, but also a shortened windscreen and shorter side windows.

Ruf Roadster with 3.8-liter boxer and 385 hp

The engine below the roadster silhouette delivers fewer surprises. The first Ruf Roadster with a combustion engine rolls out with a standard 3.8-liter boxer and 385 hp as well as a PDK transmissionManufacturing company in Pfaffenhausen. With the usual enthusiastic propulsion, the premiere copy purrs along the deserted country roads in the Lower Allgäu and runs confidently through curves with its direct steering. While befitting turbulence in the interior when the roadster is completely open is part of the program, the driver can hear it rustling even with the roof halves and rear window closed. Audible wind noises accompany the exit as soon as the speedometer needle of the US model climbs over 60 miles.

But the sports car manufacturer with 65 employees has an official manufacturer status for a reason. At Ruf, the models are refined with the greatest precision. Before the Ruf Roadster 3.8 drives on American soil, it receives new seals against the wind noise.

Ruf conscientiously takes care of its customers not only in terms of processing. Almost every wish is fulfilled. From the 3.6 liter unit to the 560 hp turbo engine - the roadster is available with various engine versions. In addition, there are optional bucket seats with a classic check pattern with changeable upholstery in the range. 'Whether during the week or on Sunday - roadster drivers can always dress their vehicle properly', Alois Ruf underlines the exclusivity of the latest model.


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