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Roshel Senator armored vehicle: The end of the world can come

Roshel Defense Solutions
Roshel Senator APC armored vehicle
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I in our loose episode' Cars for the Zombie Apocalypse “this time we're going to Canada. The company Roshel Defense Systems is based in the province of Ontario, where its own department deals with the subject of 'Special Purpose Vehicles'. One of these vehicles for special purposes is the “Senator”, a six-meter-long declaration of war.

Pickup-based armored vehicle

The Senator is built on the chassis of the thick full-size Ford pickup F 350 Super Duty. It also donates the drive train in the form of the 6.7 liter Powerstroke diesel and a six-speed automatic. The current version of the Powerstroke engine is rated at 450 hp and an impressive 1,268 Nm of torque, but Roshel leaves it at 330 hp. That's enough.

Roshel Defense Solutions
Atmospheric lighting is possible in the air-conditioned passenger compartment.

The manufacturer describes the Senator as an agile vehicle, whose small tropic makes it the ideal choice for urban environments - but other city dwellers may see this a little differently. Light composite materials are used for the construction. The body of the vehicle was designed with both sound and thermal insulation in mind.

Grenade-proof in the passenger compartment

The armor for the passenger compartment and the engine compartment is designed to provide protection up to the ballistic protection level CEN B7. The floor is equipped with explosion protection in the event of a simultaneous explosion of two DM-51 hand grenades or equivalent light anti-personnel mines.

In addition to the standard safety features such as e.g. circumferential loopholes,Escape hatches, external view cameras, people control systems, sirens /PA system and emergency lighting, there are also a few goodies to be a little more energetic in case of doubt, including the weapon tower on the Senator roof.

When choosing the Roshel's customers are not picky; anyone who wants a senator gets one too. 'This powerful multi-purpose armored car was specially developed for military, police, peacekeeping and civilian applications,' reports the product description. Prices are available on request.


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