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Rosenbauer Tigon fire brigade: Offroad fire truck (2018)

Rosenbauer Tigon fire department
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  • Driving on a burning surface
  • Throws of up to 120 meters

B with the new Tigon, fire service specialist Rosenbauer has exhausted everything to the extreme: the truck is extremely off-road, it is equipped with powerful extinguishing technology and its structure is variable. The Austrian manufacturer packs its highest-volume extinguishing systems in the Tigon on request: built-in pumps with delivery rates of up to 13,000 liters per minute at a pressure of ten bar, admixing systems that deliver up to 1,200 liters of foam at a pressure of 14 bar and mix the entire pump output and turret for a combined discharge of extinguishing agent with outputs of up to 15,000 liters per minute at ten bar pressure.

he turret deployed. The turrets controlled by joystick or remote control achieve throwing distances of up to 120 meters with the manufacturer's own top turret RM130C. There are special ChemCore nozzles for the combined application of water and powder.

Classic or modern operation

The Tigon customer can also choose between different versions of the operating concept. In the base there are simple keypads and a small display, at the top is the CAN bus-based control system LCS 2.0 with a ten-inch display.

Gets further where others have to give up

According to Rosenbauer, the Tigon is suitable for operations in which other fire engines fail due to the lack of a paved approach: desert, tundra and arctic are regions where the Tigon can extinguish fires thanks to its rally-tested off-road chassis.


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