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Roof boxes in the ADAC test: good models have their price

Roof boxes in the ADAC test
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I In winter, around four million Germans start their skiing holidays. Then transport aids are required - such as roof boxes. They are not only a storage space addition, but often the only chance to stow the bulky ski equipment. But the roof boxes also have their downsides.

Reasonable roof boxes are already available for 300 euros, but quality and comfort have their price, according to the result of the current product test by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest of ten roof boxes. Six of the 10 tested roof boxes, which are priced between 300 and 600 euros, showed that good things do not necessarily have to be expensive. For these models there was an overall rating of “good”. With the Thule Motion XT L for 590 euros and the Kamei Oyster 450 for 630 euros, the most expensive models were able to put themselves at the top of the test field. They were particularly convincing in terms of crash safety and their user-friendly operability.

The G3 Reef 580 for 250 euros (cheapest test model) and the Zeus 480 L from Farad for 320 euros were disappointing in these areas. After the impact in the crash test, belts and fastenings were torn, and attachments were also lost. This shows how important a stable attachment of the roof box to the roof rack is.


Roof boxes cause deficits in consumption and handling

Users of roof boxes must expect not only changed handling but also increased consumption when driving. The VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI with the Tirol 420 roof box from Northline, which was driven in the ADAC test, consumed up to 1.29 liters more at a speed of 130 km /h. The Kamei Oyster 450 performed best here, but with which consumption increased by 0.94 liters /100 km. On average, the additional consumption with the roof boxes was over 18 percent. The ADAC therefore recommends removing the roof box as soon as it is no longer needed.


The ADAC also advises you not to exceed the maximum roof load when loading the box. How much can be loaded onto the roof depending on the vehicle can be found in the vehicle's operating instructions. The weight of the box and the roof rack must be taken into account. Lighter boxes are usually easier to assemble - and the roof boxes differ significantly in weight: While the heaviest box in the test (Northline Tirol 420) weighs 22.4 kg, the lightest, the Jetbag 80 Family, weighs just 14.8 kg on the scales.


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