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Rolls-Royce Serenity at the Geneva Motor Show: Extreme customization

Auto Salon Geneva 2020
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D the Bespoke design team at Rolls-Royce is not at a loss when it comes to new ideas for customizing the luxury liners. At the exhibit for the Geneva Motor Show 2015, people reached deep into the Asian box. A Rolls-Royce Phantom with a long wheelbase is shown

Silk with Asian motifs as the main theme

According to that The motto is the headlining of the 'Serenity' made of silk in the style of Japanese kimonos. Flowers are the predominant motif. In addition to the woven-in motifs, elements were also applied using the painting technique. Around ten meters of silk fabric was used for the interior.

Smoked Cherrywood completes the oriental theme of the interior on the door strips, the dashboard and the rear center console and is at the same time decorated with bamboo, which is integrated in elaborately manufactured horizontal stripes. In addition, the flower motif of the silk can also be found as inlaid mother-of-pearl in the rear door strips. Mother-of-pearl was also used in the clock on the dashboard and instruments. The rest of the ambience is inspired by Rolls-Royce models that the British created in the past for kings and queens, emperors and global leaders.

Luxury also in the trunk, which is lined with white leather has been. As the icing on the cake, there are two parasols in the luggage compartment lid with leather loops. They have the same Serenity motif as the interior.

But the Serenity also has special features on the outside. The mother-of-pearl lacquer is the most expensive color Rolls-Royce has ever developed. Additional, hand-painted flower motifs on the B-pillars and the fenders set accents.


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