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Röhrl's favorite curves on the Nordschleife: curves

Top 10 Nürburgring corners by Walter Röhrl
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Place 10 - Antonius beech: 'Fearful'

D he fast left to the Döttinger Höhe is not nice to drive, but terrifying. With the new cars, the passage is always exciting. In the Porsche 918 you drive through there at a speed of 311. The record in the Porsche GT2 RS is 315 km /h. In principle, the section is full, but the approach is quite bumpy. If the chassis is not optimal, it won't work. You first have to turn 80 meters before the curve, but you prepare a kilometer in advance and talk to yourself: “No, you don't lift. You leave. '

9th place - dovetail:' Here you can feel the balance '

When I talk about the swallowtail, I don't mean the little carousel, but the beginning of the passage. Finding the right turn-in point isn't that easy because you can't see the vertex. In the right-left combination, you can feel the balance of a car very well - how it turns, how much grip it has. In the right you have to stay as far inside as possible so that you get the best possible access to the left. If not, you'll rattle into the gravel. You always only know at the end whether the line has fit. That's the attraction of this corner.

8th place - Aremberg: 'Faster than expected'

When I came over the top of the Schwedenkreuz earlier, I always drove far to the right. But since the track on the left is no longer as bumpy as it used to be, you can brake normally on the left. The following right-hand bend in Aremberg looks tight and slow, but is still in third gear. You have to be on the gas early to take the momentum into the Fuchsröhre. If I can, I stay away from the outer curb because it's so steep. However, if you are about to run out of street at the exit, you can lean there.

Platz 7 - Wehrseifen : 'Not harmless'

The triple right before the narrow Wehrseifen curve is a tricky passage, because you only know in the third curve whether you were on the right line. The corner is quick and not safe, but it's not the danger that makes the appeal. The road hangs out a bit. In thefirst right you have to stay far away from the inner edge, if you are already inside before the third curve, you will run out of street at the exit. You don't notice until very late whether the line was perfect, and you're happy every time it works.

6th place - airfield: 'A hot spot'

You come at high speed over the hilltop to Quiddelbacher Höhe, and the following double right at the airfield can be driven in a radius. The exit cannot be seen when turning, which tempts some to turn too early, but the car quickly becomes restless - then it gets dangerous. The airfield is a really hot place. If you drive through there quickly, the car will really go off on the way to the Schwedenkreuz. You can read off the speedometer to see whether you have caught it optimally - in the GT3 you have a speed of 290 on the clock at the Schwedenkreuz.

5th place - Adenauer Forst: 'Something for insiders'

The position is tricky if you don't know it. You try to drive the left after the Fuchsröhre in a long arc from the outside in order to get through the steep right with a lot of momentum. I keep as straight as possible towards the left-right combination on the summit and approach it rather angularly. There are several lines there. If you get the final passage optimally, you don't need the outer curb. Because you can't actually see anything when you arrive, you feel like an absolute insider if everything went well.

Place 4 - Pflanzgarten 2: “Great challenge”

You must not allow yourself to be carried to the outside in the left bend on the approach, because you have to enter the second part of the plant garden from the far left approach outside. Because behind the big knoll the road falls to the right, then again to the left and again to the right. The passage is pretty fast, you rush over the edge at a speed of 200 km /h, and you don't even know where you're going before the crest. That is a big challenge. The jump itself doesn't give me that much, as a rally driver I was used to different things.

3rd place - Hatzenbach: 'To drive very precisely'

The Hatzenbach-Passage is not particularly fast, but nevertheless very demanding and interesting to drive, because four curves are connected here. Before that it goes downhill quickly - it is first important to get the right entrance for this right-left-right-left combination. The difficult part is that you have to drive very precisely in the Hatzenbach and control your speed well. If you are too fast or if the line is simply not right at the beginning, you are too late to turn in every following curve - you will lose more and moreTime and momentum. The problem is: There is no straight line between the curves, no matter how short, where you could correct your line.

2nd place - Ex-Mühle: “The car must slide”

A very special corner that you have to get into as quickly as possible, otherwise you will starve to death on the steep uphill section. If you come out of the left-hand bend over the Breitscheider Bridge fast enough, the car will begin to drift to the right when turning. If you come into compression on the mountain, the sliding stops and you come over the top with the optimal swing. If it doesn't work, you'll lose to the mine.

1st place - Pflanzgarten: “The people are raging”

When you come down from above at full throttle and see all the people standing in the Pflanzgarten, that's really great. When it rains, the car goes across the top of the ice curve, you can see from a distance how the people are raging. It's so fun. The crest in front of the turn-in point is tricky. You have to brake 30 to 40 meters beforehand. Then release the brakes when the car becomes light and brake briefly again before turning in. You drive through the right-hand bend in third gear, and if everything fits quickly into fourth and fifth - everything is full throttle. It makes your heart open every time.


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