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Roding Roadster 23: lightweight roadster starts with a special series

Roding Roadster 23
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B it is particularly exclusive to make the Roding Roadster 23 the complete exterior cladding in carbon fiber as well the high-performance braking system and the adjustable chassis components. There is also a multimedia system, a racing ABS, a GPS recorder with automatic lap timing and a stopwatch, and Recaro racing bucket seats. Air conditioning is only available on special request.

With 300 PS 280 km /h fast

With the carbon look, the two-seater Roding Roadster shares the technology with the normal version. The passenger cell is made of carbon fiber laminate and integrates a roll-over structure. The front and rear end are made of a carbon-aluminum hybrid construction. The drive unit sits as a central motor behind the passengers and drives the rear wheels. Two removable roof shells, which can be stowed under the front hood, transform the two-seater from a coupé into a convertible. Alternatively, the storage space with a volume of 220 liters and a through-loading option also swallows objects up to 1.80 meters long or a golf bag.

Consistent lightweight construction reduces the weight of the 3.82 meter long and 1.85 meter wide and only 1.19 meters high Roding Roadster at 920 kilograms. Combined with a six-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with over 300 hp, this results in a power-to-weight ratio of less than three kilograms per hp. The approximately 400 Nm of torque are distributed to the rear wheels by a manual six-speed gearbox and a limited-slip differential. In the best case scenario, the Roding Roadster storms from zero to 100 km /h in 3.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 280 km /h. The Euro 5 engine consumes an average of 8.2 liters of Super Plus.

The Roding is handcrafted

The road contact in the Roding Roadster is ensured by independent wheel suspensions all around and 18-inch light alloy wheels 225/40 tires on the front and 255/35 tires on the rear axle. It is decelerated with four-piston pliers and 328 discs all around. Optionally, ABS is also on board.

The Roding is manufactured in Roding in the Upper Palatinate. Due to the high proportion of manual labor, each roding can be individually tailored to the customer's needs. So every roadster is unique. The prices for the lightweight athlete should start at around 155,000 euros.


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