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Robby Naish's dream garage: the nine cars of surfing legend Robby Naish

Robby Naish
Robby Naish's dream garage
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R obby Naish, built in 1963, won in the tender His first world championship title at the age of 13. Robert Staunton, the official first name of the water sports prodigy, was the youngest surfing world champion of all time. In addition to surfing, driving is one of his passions. And as with his boards, he is not satisfied with off-the-peg products for his mobile pedestals.

Robby Naish only drives individualized cars - like a converted hearse

Naish owns nine automobiles. And they all have a story and a clear task. 'I admit,' says Naish, 'my little collection is pretty weird. But each of my cars has a very different, unique character and style.' For every mood and every destination, he treats himself to 'an adequate vehicle.'

The most eye-catching car in Naish’s fleet is - it's hard to believe - a hearse. Naish converted the Eureka Cadillac, built in 1963, into a hot rod: 'First of all, I removed the original Caddy drive train - and planted a Chevy 383 Stroker V8 block in it.' Naish proudly reports on other add-ons: a rear view camera, side exhaust pipes, fat slippers, darkened windows and details such as the skull accessories. 'This is a car that makes everyone turn their heads. The engine sounds insane. And I can even transport longboards in it. This is a real nasty surf car.'

Naish drives too Monster truck and caravan

By far the most boring car in Naish's fleet is a Dodge Grand Caravan, model year 2009. Why does a cool surfer keep such a decent family box? 'Because the Dodge is just practical.' Besides, Naish doesn't like rental cars. That's why the van is usually parked at the airport in Oahu, one of the eight largest islands in the Hawaiian island chain in the Pacific Ocean, which Naish regularly visits for surfing. In order not to have to lug luggage with him, he just leaves it in the van - including the surfboards. 'I need a car here that is big enough for all of my equipment - and of course for my family.' Naish is married and has two daughters; Nani is 27 years old, Christina is only three.

Of course, a pick-up should not be missing in the fleet of a US star: A black GMC Denali takes on this role in the Naish familyone. 'My wife drives the GMC a lot. It is also at the Maui airport when I travel.'

Naish drives a monster truck every day to surf

Another The Ford F250 Pick-Up is used for everyday use. With a 7.3 liter turbodiesel engine, model year 2003, and 38.5-inch off-road tires. In Europe something like this would almost be called a commercial vehicle. 'You need a truck like this on Maui. I need a big truck,' says Naish. Naish also uses the Ford for daily trips to the beach. 'Almost all of my gear fits in there. And the northern beaches of Maui are really dirty. It rains a lot up here in the country where we live. And the red sand just goes everywhere. So it's nice to have it on the back of the To ban the cot. ' Naish therefore only uses the hearse for trips to the south of the island.

Naish likes it big, which is why his fleet also includes a black Cadillac Escalade, model year 2003. Still. 'I'll soon be replacing it with a Porsche Cayenne.' The configuration is almost complete.

The brand from Zuffenhausen is already impressed by the surfer; two Porsches are already his property. A 911, built in 1977, is his first 'project car', as he calls it: 'I apologize to all Porsche purists, but I rarely keep something that comes off the shelf.' Robby likes it more individual: 'I gave him a' slantnose '20 years ago, ie a particularly flat hood. In addition, Naish implanted the sports car with a 2.8-liter unit and a new transmission instead of a 2.7-liter engine. The color has remained: iris blue. The condition: fantastic. Which is mainly due to the fact that an engine usually burst and the car was only in a garage. To this day: 'Two years ago I sent the car to a Californian specialist so that they could build me a new engine: a three-liter' big bore '. I'm curious to see how it will run ... if I even get it ever get it back, 'says Naish, a little annoyed.

Porsche Panamera is Naish's favorite car

But the frustration evaporates in no time when the surfer reports on the latest addition to the fleet: a Porsche Panamera S in black metallic. 'I actually wanted to order the Panamera as a Turbo, but on Maui there is no more reason for 100 hp. 400 hp are easily enough here,' says Naish modestly. Naish also impressed his girls with the Porsche flagship: 'My wife and my three-year-old daughter don't particularly like my cars. But they love the Panamera. This gives me the fast, cool' killer car 'for the whole family 'says Naish.

Speed ​​has done it to the surfer, which is why he treats himself to another treat - a racing car prototype with road approval. Naish: 'I bought the 1991 Evans from Evans Automobiles in Scottdale Georgia, even though I didwas actually looking for a Porsche 962 at the time. 'The speedster is not a one-off.' Altogether two of them were built, 'smiles Naish.' The yellow paint wouldn't have been my first preference, but it's the original color. '

The aluminum semi-monocoque with a steel frame is powered by a 5.7 liter engine and a ZF transmission. The two-seater weighs just 2,100 pounds. 'I loved driving to Hawaii Raceway Park to do a few laps there. Unfortunately, this racetrack was closed, so the racer is now mostly in my barn. Maui isn't the best place for a car like this. It takes a racetrack to realize its full potential. It's not that much fun on the street. It's too hot, too loud and too fast. '

A twelve-meter-long motorhome is also part of Naish's fleet

The wave rider - like all' racing drivers '- of course also has a motorhome 'We'll keep the twelve-meter-long Outlaw Toy Hauler Motor Home at my office in Washington on the West Coast,' says Naish. The US-sized motorhome is the purest packhorse, offers enough sleeping space for five people and - thanks to four flat screen TV and a spacious bathroom - sufficient comfort. 'The motorhome is perfect for driving around the USA,' explains Naish, who retired from professional sports in 2001 to focus on the production of sports equipment and clothing, which is why he founded his company 'Naish International'.

When asked what his favorite car is, the smart businessman answers - like a shot from a pistol: 'The Panamera. The car is just crammed with amazing technology, it's so fast and so comfortable. Everyone has enough space. 'That is why it is by far his most expensive car. He does not want to name the price. But the basic model alone costs 95,000 euros. And even for Robby Naish, Porsche has not changed its company policy, celebrities have cars with high discounts afterwards By the way, Naish's cheapest car is - despite all the personalization and the transport from California - the Cadillac hearse.

Naish learned to drive in a VW Bulli and Beetle

What Naish's first car was ? 'I learned to drive in a Volkswagen van that my parents used for camping. And in a VW Beetle. 'The first car Naish bought himself was a 1981 Dodge Charger.' With a 2.2 liter petrol engine. Not a rocket, but red and loud and perfect for doing great burnouts. '

What is Naish's most important thing about a car?' I am in the fortunate position of being able to afford more than one car . That's why I enjoy this collection of cars for different occasions and moods. ”Naish also emphasizes that he likes to drive unique cars. I love cars with personality, withmany small details that make the car unique and stand out from the crowd. Because for me, driving is more than just getting around. Rather, it reflects who I am and how I feel. That's why I only want sporty, powerful, clean and sophisticated automobiles that are allowed to be aggressive and a bit scary. '

Naish drives some of his cars less than 250 kilometers per year.' I currently drive my Ford truck on most frequently - and around 10,000 kilometers a year. From my house to the beach and town. We live in the country on a ranch 16 miles away from Kahului town. And that is a long distance - by Hawaiian standards. '

With this impressive fleet of vehicles, the question naturally arises whether there is still anything left to be desired?' Yes, I love the new Porsche 911 GT3 ', Naish raves. 'Of course, Maui isn't the best place in the world for that either. But for enthusiasts, this car is unbeatable. I also find the new GT2 RS pretty impressive, but it's a bit outside of my price range, 'says Naish. Our pity is limited.


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