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Roadrunner’s Paradise & amp; Race 61 2012: & # 34; Gentlemen, push your scrap metal & # 34;

Dani Heyne
Roadrunner's Paradise & Race 61 2012
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D the old airfield in Finowfurt can still experience that may. Located around 40 kilometers north of Berlin, he was bored with mainly Russian military aircraft before reunification - today, fast vintage cars flit across his runway once a year. He owes that to the Roadrunner’s Paradise & Race 61 Festival, an unusual rock and racing spectacle that is celebrated from June 29th to July 1st and attracts tens of thousands every year.

There are hardly any restrictions in the acceleration race

It was already the 15th time and it goes back to a small motorcycle meeting. Today's Race 61, however, is not one of those lovely coffee parties of sparkling polished bodies with incredible collector's value; Colorful hot rods, well-coiffed 60s and 70s bullets and lots of old two-wheelers are bubbling here. Instead of the best paint quality and the brightest chrome, pinstripes and high compression are celebrated. The task of the participating floors: start the short sprint (150 meter distance) as quickly and entertainingly as possible.

Friday will be traveled to and technically assessed, on Saturday the qualification and finals will take place, on Sunday the show races. Entry costs 40 euros for all three days including the campsite. All two and four-wheeled rockets built up to 1976 are allowed to ride on the site and in acceleration races - the number of axles and cylinders is free.

Show runs with wild pairings

In addition to the serious races on Saturday, especially the show runs on Sunday with their wild pairings: For example, a BMW E28 Alpina competed against a Jaguar with a big block -Herz, a classic men's bike with MZ auxiliary engine against a drag race Ducatti, a worn mini against a sporty, lowered VW Beetle. Plenty of displacement is clearly an advantage, but not a requirement to be loved by the audience. Evidence provided, among other things, a visually shabby Berlin scooter and an extremely lightened Vespa, both of which outclassed opponents with significantly more powerful engines.

Highlights next to the track: Wall of Death and starter girls

Off the racetrack you can buy helmets, jackets and posters on a small mile, enter the Wall of Death and admire sexy starter girls. Coffee is brewed in the back of an old Fiat 2300, fresh pasta is served on the back of an ape,fat citizens from an old trailer. The air quickly has the right ratio of fuel and engine oil and you stroll comfortably across the spacious grounds, marvel at the many creative conversions and old military aircraft from the former GDR, which form an unforgettable open-air museum between the green hangars.

After technical discussions with people who are equally crazy, your own tent is set up as the sun sets, and shortly afterwards the first bands join in. And in the morning at the latest the inner voice hums: Such 'casual events are rare - rarely beautiful.


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