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Road construction finance: Drivers pay more than necessary

Road construction financing
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D he route cost calculation that the DIW creates on behalf of ADAC, BDI and BGL shows the costs arising from the construction and maintenance of the traffic routes and the income that can be allocated to the various user groups.

Drivers pay fourfold

The conclusion of the ADAC is: For every euro of infrastructure costs that the motorists incur, they pay 4.20 euros back in taxes to the state.

This means that German drivers pay for vehicles and minerals According to the study, oil tax is far more than the state spends on the road network. Car drivers cover the costs for the roads to 208 percent, for highways it is even 415 percent. This is what the 'Financial Times Deutschland' reports, citing the study.

'If you still need proof of the disproportionately high burden placed on motorists, then this study provides it. The thesis that too little money goes into the coffers for road construction has turned out to be a fairy tale', said ADAC Vice President for Transport Ulrich Klaus Becker on the occasion of the presentation of the DIW study in Berlin. According to the Automobile Club, the argument that proponents of tolls often use, according to which foreign car drivers should share the costs of road use through a toll, is not tenable. For example, foreigners pay twice as much to the German tax authorities as they incur in terms of the mineral oil tax that is incurred when refueling in Germany.

German trucks that are subject to tolls with a total weight of twelve tonnes or more covered their travel costs by a good 200 percent. So the freight forwarders paid twice the cost. Foreign trucks also contributed more to the road costs in 2007 than in 1997 because their owners also have to pay tolls. As a result of this road user charge, the total cost recovery for motorways has increased by eleven percentage points to 282 percent.


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