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Riversimple: electric vehicle with fuel cell

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D he two-seater Riversimple relies on a monocoque made of carbon that weighs only 40 kg should bring the scales. The driving role should be taken over by four wheel hub motors, which should also serve for energy recovery during braking.

The two-seater uses a monocoque made of carbon fiber laminate.

Rivesimple with a range of 480 km

As an energy buffer for the E -Motor should serve super caps, which are housed in the bow of the Riversimple. The two-seater uses a fuel cell with an output of 8.5 kW placed in the rear as an energy source. The hydrogen tank, which should guarantee a range of around 480 kilometers, is also located in the rear.

Chris Reitz, who was Fiat's chief design officer for the Fiat 500, is responsible for the design of the Riversimple, which weighs only 520 kg . The extremely aerodynamic shape and the upward-opening doors are striking. Initially, the start-up wants to set up 20 models of the Riversimple for a beta test, and from 2018 the Welsh will start series production. Riversimple is not supposed to be available for purchase, however, the creators are more likely to have a kind of rental process in mind, in which the user covers all costs for use and operation with a fixed monthly fee.


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