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Rinspeed studies: Flirtmobil, fly fish and compost car

Rinspeed studies
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I n March 2012 it will be time again: Frank M Rinderknecht's company presents with the Dock + Go a single-axle 'backpack' that can serve small city mobiles as additional storage space or range extender.

The rest of the portfolio, with which Rinspeed repeatedly shows, is as unconventional as this mobility system What is feasible in car construction: The 'Flirtmobil' Bamboo is something for extroverts, the iChange mutates from a one-seater to a three-seater, the Exasis is a tandem two-seater - complete made of transparent plastic and the Squba masters the disciplines asphalt, swimming, diving.

Rinspeed Splash 60 centimeters above water

The amphibious vehicle Rinspeed Splash cannot dive, a complex hydrofoil system ensures that sixty centimeters between the vehicle and the water surface. 80 km /h should be feasible on the water.

The Rinspeed Rone, on the other hand, has nothing to do with water - it prefers to approve of green waste, from which it draws the energy for the drive. The extremely flat sports car not only cares about the environment, but also about its driver: If the Rinspeed Rone is driven below 40 km /h, the cockpit remains in the highest and most upright position. The heavier the foot on the accelerator, the lower the cockpit sinks - up to 30 degrees.

Public transport as a range extender

In 2010, the Rinspeed company dared to carry out a study for the Geneva Motor Show that is neither sporty nor playful, but all the more pragmatic. With the Rinspeed UC, the Swiss idea factory not only presented an electrically powered small car, but also a whole mobility concept. The e-car should provide a range of 105 kilometers and can also be transported in special train wagons - Park & ​​Ride becomes Rail & Ride. The train as a range extender on long journeys and for commuters - also a possibility.

You can find everything else Rinspeed has made possible in our photo show.


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