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Rinspeed Etos at CES 2016: self-drive with a helper drone

Rinspeed Etos at CES 2016
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M ith the concept car Etos, Rinspeed has the theme' self-driving Auto ', especially from the perspective of the driver and the occupants. The heart of the new study is an intuitive, adaptive and adaptive autopilot. If this is activated, the interior of the Etos adapts to the new tasks.

The steering wheel disappears when not in use.

Rinspeed Etos with cockpit transformation

In self-drive mode, the steering wheel folds up at the push of a button and retracts completely into the dashboard, the two curved 21.5-inch widescreen monitors move closer individually to the occupants so that they can enjoy the full range of infotainment options. The system can be controlled by voice input, gestures, touch, controller or the push of a button. Otherwise, the interior of the Etos mixes leather and new types of textiles. There is also an embroidered skyline of San Francisco.

A total of eight HD external cameras visually monitor the area around the vehicle seamlessly. This allows 180-degree panoramic views directly in front of and behind the vehicle as well as 'outside mirrors' with a significantly expanded field of vision without any blind spots.

The new 'autonomous concept' was packaged in a sporty body with hybrid drive technology - under the Etos hides a BMW i8. This has been upgraded with black 20-inch rims, a glass roof, a new front and a new rear. In order to further increase the attention, the Etos was also given a drone that was placed on the rear of the vehicle when not in use The landing deck consists of 12,000 LEDs and can display any graphics. Why a drone? Rinspeed sees a lot of utility in this: for example, one quickly ordered via the Internet on the way homeBring a bouquet of flowers or have it delivered directly or take a selfie as a UFO from the ride over the fun route and stream it live to your friends!


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