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Rinspeed Budii seat sample at the Geneva Motor Show 2015: Electric Autonomous

Auto Salon Geneva 2020
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D he transition from traditional to autonomous driving will take place gradually, of that Swiss car visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht is certain. With the Budii, the Rinspeed boss presents his outlook on future locomotion.

We were able to test-sit the Budii >>> to the seat test

Budii gets to know his drivers

Budii, based on a BMW i3, competes in a small car format. Short overhangs paired with a passenger cabin that has been moved far forward create a large interior space. The driver and front passenger should sit on comfortable seats. The steering wheel and all controls are guided on a centrally positioned robot arm and can be folded out either left or right.

And if no one wants to drive, it remains folded forward in the resting position and Budii drives autonomously. A camera system on the roof is responsible for monitoring the surroundings. Reverse opening stubby doors at the rear provide access to the rear seats. In the course of driving, Budii gets to know and adapts his 'boss' 's habits and preferences.

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In addition to two electric mini electric scooters that can slide out of the vehicle on side drawers, there are also air-conditioning showers in the headliner for the occupants, and a fine watch on the robotic arm the steering wheel, which may even wind the chronograph, and a huge central display. Navigation and infotainment elements can be displayed on it - including the 'Track View' image, which is delivered via the camera in the telescopic arm. Ambient lighting, keyless entry system, height-adjustable chassis and auxiliary heating are some of the other equipment features.


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