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Rimac Scalatan: 3,000 PS electric car sports car dream for 2080

Maximilian Schneider
Rimac Scalatan
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I n April 2020, Rimac entered a design competition on its Instagram channel called. The aim was to design a Rimac sports car for the year 2080. The only requirement: the form must follow the function. Designs could be submitted to Rimac by May 17, 2020 - several thousand designers accepted the challenge. Now the winner of the challenge has been determined. And the Rimac Scalatan that Maximilian Schneider drew is really spectacular.


Made in the 3D printer

Rimac Scalatan Vision 2080 is the name of Maximilian Schneider's winning design, which he also extensively on his Instagram account and at Behance presented. The Scalatan is based on a titanium chassis manufactured in a 3D printer, which looks like an organically grown skeleton and which integrates the Li-O2 battery cells into its structure. A body shell made of extremely light graphene is placed over it. A nano surface optimizes the aerodynamic properties. The main load of the downforce is taken over by a specially shaped underbody component with active air control elements. Equipped with a memory effect, it also hides minor wounds without damage. In addition, the sub-floor is responsible for charging the batteries - by induction via solar modules laid in the street (we're talking about the year 2080). Overall, the Scalatan crouches extremely low on the road. The passenger compartment has been moved far forward, the stern extends extremely far back. The boarding takes place via a folding front. There are no windows - in the future you will drive autonomously. For the curious, theBut also switch the body to transparent.

Maximilian Schneider

The wheels are also created using 3D printing. The multi-part construction combines rim and tire in one component. Nanotube grip elements are inserted into the perforated running surfaces, which are activated by sensors or remain hidden depending on the level of liability required.

E-motors with 3,100 HP

In the front of the Scalatan are extremely flat LED headlight slots. The taillights, which were integrated into four illuminated panels directly behind the rear wheels, are spectacular.

The drive concept provides for four wheel hub electric motors with a total of 3,100 hp. With a weight of only 940 kilograms, the Scarlatan is a real rocket that lives up to the name Rimac. Now all you have to do is wait 60 years.

By the way: With his victory in the Design Challenge, Maximilian Schneider won an invitation to Croatia to Rimac, where he can discuss his design extensively with the Rimac designers.


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