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Rezvani Beast Speedster: 300 HP driving machine

Rezvani Beast Speedster
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K actually sounds quite reasonable, what the Californians from Rezvani with theirs Want to do 'Beast'. Build a Speedster with less, but still more than enough power - at a cheaper price than the $ 165,000 beast with 500 hp.

Rezvani Beast Speedster with 2.4-liter Honda engine

Like the normal version, the Speedster uses a compressor motor with a displacement of 2.4 liters. The engine is based on a Honda engine that is used in the Civic Si and has 205 hp there. This version of the Civic is only available in North America. With the centrifugal compressor, the four-cylinder achieves the 300 hp specified by Rezvani. The maximum torque is 305 Nm.

The Rezvani Speedster is based on the Ariel Atom, but has a body compared to this. It is made of carbon fiber, which is why the 'Beast Speedster' is also very light, even if not quite as light as the Atom: Rezvani specifies 748 kilograms as the curb weight. The Atom weighs around 480 kilos, depending on the version. For the transmission, the Americans use a six-speed manual gearbox that transfers the power to the rear axle. Those who prefer to shift gear without a clutch pedal will also be served. Alternatively, a sequential transmission is available.

From 0 to 100 km /h in less than four seconds

The US standard sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour (96 km /h) is done by the Speedster in 3.5 seconds. Quite impressive for the performance of a VW Golf R. Rezvani gave no information about the maximum achievable speed. But that's not what the company is about: 'The Speedster should shine above all in handling,' said Ferris Rezvani, head of the start-up company. The basis for this is already very good - the Ariel Atom is considered a Porsche-eating track tool.

And now comes the catch: The Rezvani Beast Speedster costs 139,000 US dollars. That's about 124,000 euros. There’s almost a Porsche 911 GT3 (137,000 euros) and definitely a well-equipped Mercedes-AMG GT (115,400 euros). And both have at least the more modern interior - and a roof.


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