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Retromobile Paris 2012: France's bestsellers and unique items

Kai Klauder
Retromobile Paris 2012
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W he had only once reached the retro mobile in Paris and one too A parking space in the confusing multi-storey car park was greeted by an icon of the sports car world after entering the exhibition hall: 50 years of the Ferrari GTO were celebrated with two exhibits - one of the anniversaries that were themed in Paris.

Interesting special shows

Let's start with the highlights: The most interesting was certainly the special show 'Constructeurs sans Patents', the numerous unique items te showed that were created in French private garages. Many of the hobbyists who realized their own dream car in the 1960s answered questions at the Retromobile.

Right next door was a special youngtimer show, the main actors of which were named Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, Renault 5 Turbo, Audi Quattro and Lancia Rally 037 heard. The most bizarre retro-mobile vehicles, however, were on view in the special show for amphibious vehicles. The spectrum ranged from the pre-war military vehicle to the 'water car' from the eighties.

Citroen and art

The retro mobiles surprised classic fans spoiled by Techno Classica, Retro Classics or Bremen Classic with their manageable size. Only two exhibition halls could be filled. Experience shows that most of the space was taken up by the French manufacturers' stands. So this year too: Citroen put its trade fair appearance under the motto 'Citroen and art' and presented numerous works on canvas, sculptures and the Citroen GS painted by Jean-Pierre Lehou, which was also shown at the last German trade fairs. So relatively little new here.

Peugeot, in turn, used the Retromobil to advertise the new Peugeot 208, which will be available at dealerships from spring 2012. He was in a patchy line of ancestors consisting of Peugeot 201, 203 Kombi, 204 Coupé and the bestseller 205 presented.

Renault is celebrating three anniversaries

Renault made a great appearance with two jubilarians. On the one hand, the R5, introduced 40 years ago, was celebrated. Six models were presented, including the first R5, which is painted in a bright orange, and the R5, with which the world will be in 80 dayswas circled and an electric version.
The 50th birthday of the Alpine A110 was celebrated on the other side of the stand. Here you can see the last copy that left the production line with Alfa Romeo taillights.

The technical highlights from 110 years of 'Excellence Moteur' were also presented on numerous display boards.

Mercedes shows LeMans racers

Mercedes sent three top-class vehicles to Paris . To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first Le Mans victory, the then winning car, a Mercedes 300 SL, was presented. Next to it were a Mercedes SSK from 1928 and a Sauber C9, which won the LeMans 24 Hours in 1989.

More pictures from the Retromobile Paris 2012 can be found in our photo show.


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