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Retro Classics 2015: This 911 is worth € 250,000

Kai Klauder
Oil flap targa at Retro Classics 2015
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W as the climate of Florida in a Porsche 911 S Targa from 1972 does, if it is allowed to nibble on him for 21 years, can be seen live at Retro Classics.

Hard climate leaves deep traces

Average temperature 26.1 ° C, 7.2 hours of sunshine per day and A humidity of 74.9% - what many people love and cause them to squander their pensions in the sunny state is a severe punishment for cars that do not have a garage. As for the Porsche 911 S Targa, which can be seen in Hall 3 at the Vehicle-Experts stand. You shouldn't miss this opportunity, because you won't see something like that again. The Targa stood in a garden in Jacksonville /Florida for around 21 years. Apparently he was not covered, let alone specially cared for. Instead, it was exposed to the forces of nature the whole time.

The traces are dramatic: the paint - it was once silver metallic code 8010 - is only in tatters, the leatherette interior in the interior is badly pitted. There are numerous rust perforations on edges, transitions, folds and floor coverings. The window rubbers have now dissolved, the plasticizers have long since evaporated.

The Targa roof is no longer there either - as is a large part of the sub-floor. Apparently the water in the interior was centimeters deep for a long time, because in many places you can look directly onto the hall floor.

Rare oil flap 911

Anyone who knows a little about the early 911 recognizes that the badly battered car is one of the rare 'oil flap 911s' that were only built in the 1972 model year. There is a small flap on the passenger side in the side panel at the level of the Targa bar, behind which the oil filler neck is hidden. In all other 911s, the filler neck is in the engine compartment.

'The Germans are extremely fond of that,' says Florian Scheuer, head of Vehicle Experts, 'I've had two serious inquiries about the car.' But Scheuer does not want to sell the car in this condition because his company specializes in the restoration of 911s. '

You can see how well the Scheuer employees work on the exhibition stand on two completed 911s. 'We do everything except the galvanic work - we have a specialist company do that'His company is located in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary, just across the border with Austria.

Price jump for early Porsche 911

Scheuer or his Scout mostly finds Porsche in the USA.' There On the one hand, the substance is mostly still good - and on the other hand there are still cars. 'According to Scheuer, the prices have taken off enormously.' It's almost like the Mercedes 300 SL after the euro changeover, when it was said: it was implemented in 1: 1. At that time a good gullwing was still between 180,000 and 200,000 euros - and people were shouting that it was too expensive. Today there is a really good 300 SL barely less than a million. '

He sees the same trend in the early 911 models.' I have already seen T-models here that cost 139,000 euros become - these are amounts that I get off. But around 200,000 to 250,000 euros for such an oil flap 911 in top condition are absolutely in line with the market, 'says Scheuer, who is now looking for a customer for the' garden find ' /p>


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