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Retro Classics 2015 market report: The highlights from the marketplace

Kai Klauder
Retro Classics 2015 market report
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I I'll meet me right at the beginning of the Retro Classics at 11.00 Watch with Frank Wilke to get an initial overview of what is on offer. And Wilke knows his way around - he is the managing director of the market observer classic-analytics has been supplying the price quotes for oldtimers and youngtimers for years.

We're starting from Hall 3, in the Motor Klassik - and the classic analytics stand can be found - on the way and come across several cars that are clearly too high. 'There we have the trade fair prices. They are often based on the motto: 'I'll just try it out,' says Wilke.

Feel like Marty McFly once

But less than 10 meters further there is a conspicuous Nash Metropolitan 2D Coupé from 1961, which is rarely found.' It is in great condition, 'says Wilke after just a few glances. 'But the price of 23,950 euros is quite high, normally it is listed at around 17,000 to 18,000 euros. The price is not unrealistic, however. You just have to find someone who likes something like that. Nobody will get up and say: 'Me go to retro today and buy me a Nash. ' A car like that runs towards you - or the woman says: 'Oh God, he's cute, I want him. It's exactly like with the De Lorean DMC-12, nobody buys it because it drives so well, but because they want to feel like Marty McFly in the film: '

US cars have become socially acceptable

Many US classics are parked in Hall 3 - and these are definitely interesting for the market.' Americans have become socially acceptable, says Wilke, 'The days when it was said 'a lot of engines for little money' are over. The US cars have lost their bad image.' We come to a Ford Thunderbird Landaulet with doors that open in opposite directions and a large folding roof. The car is original, first-hand with 125,000 km and comes from Switzerland.

Frank Wilke is satisfied with the American: 'This is a good combination, because the Swiss have a completely different care mentality, they care take better care of their cars. In addition, the Swiss MFK, the equivalent of the German TÜV, is much stricter. The 13,900 euros are perfectly fine. '

Also the next Thunderbird, a rare 6.4-liter roadster -V8 from 1966, is realistically priced in. It should cost 40,000 euros. 'People want to show that they have something special -And that applies to this T-Bird, 'says Wilke.

The 4 exclusion criteria of the Cobra replica

It's already more difficult with the next candidate, a Cobra replica from 1990 with a 344 hp Corvette V8 and 6-speed manual transmission. 'The problem with cars like this is that the first owner builds the car according to his ideas and wishes has - or had it built. But who still wants to have it in this combination today? 'Asks Wilke. The required 56,900 euros are far too high for him:' At the end of 30 thousand, it must be over. '

Wilke then names the four Death criteria of a Cobra replica: '1. Automatic, 2nd Chevy engine, 3rd right-hand drive and 4th GRP body - something should never cost more than 30,000 euros and is more for beginners: '

Two special cases: E24 and W124

The price expert finds two special cases in the extensive range. On the one hand, there is the 6-series BMW of the E24 series. Usually, the older models are also the ones more expensive, but it is different with the E24: 'The later models are much more sought after - and mostly more expensive. Because the engines and the chassis are better, the body of the later models is much better protected against rust. The early carburetor engines are not that sparkling. '

On the other hand, there is the T-model of the Mercedes 124:' There is the rare case that station wagons are more expensive than the coupés. Even the limousines are often more expensive, 'explains Wilke. The station wagons were often burned as workhorses in third or fourth hands, there are hardly any good specimens left - and luxury station wagons like the S124 are particularly popular today.'

Porsche price explosion

We come to the much-discussed Porsche price explosion. Such as the 911 RS 2.7, which almost doubled its price quotation from 290,000 euros to 552,000 euros within 12 months. 'So the price development for a classic car is never even, it goes up quickly, sometimes slowly. And the price trend at Porsche has been very atypical in the last 7 years. The RS is in vogue right now - and when the common man is up the street knows that such an RS is something special, such price jumps can occur. '

Alfa Montreal on the right track

We come to an Alfa Montreal and now you can hear something from Frank Wilke, which is rather unusual: 'Here we have a nice example of a car that finally costs what it's worth. It was a long time the Montreal traded way too low, now good specimens are around 70,000 to 80,000 euros. '

But the gap between the condition grade 2 and 4 is extremely wide with this model. Many owners did not want to give their car away for such a low price as in previous years. Some havejust put it away, some just drove it on.

3 classics of tomorrow

Now we are discovering three more cars that have the potential for the classic of tomorrow: On the one hand, this is a Artega GT. 'The car, which was only built around 130 times, was touted as an alternative to the 911 - and there is something to it,' estimates Wilke, 'the technology including the V6 from Audi, designed and built in Germany.' At the Retro Classics there is a 2010 copy with 27,000 km on the clock from a second hand for 57,900 euros. 'The price seems realistic,' says Wilke.

Two BMW Z8s are parked in the neighborhood. 'These cars are already more expensive than new, around 15 years after they were released,' the price expert knows. 'It is interesting, by the way, that the Alpina models are still listed a little higher, although they have less power.' Because the Alpina Z8 makes 381 instead of 400 hp, but comes with an automatic and a number of detail changes. The two BMW Z8s of the Retro Classics have significantly less than 20,000 km on the clock and cost 179,000 and 189,000 euros.

If you can be patient and want to drive a 420 hp athlete until then, you should get the Look at the Porsche 996 Turbo, which is offered with a mileage of 101,000 km. The USA import with full equipment was given a new turbocharger and should cost 39,900 euros. Still, you have to say, because the Retro Classics continues until Sunday - and some prices will still fall.


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