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Retro Classics 2010: The superlatives of the private market

Kai Klauder
Retro Classics 2010
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The car of the Retro Classic year 2010: Porsche 911

What the Mercedes-Benz R /C 107 was last year, 2010 is the Porsche 911 - the car in oversupply. The visitor counts more than 30 copies of the 911, from the 1973 911 Targa in purple for 40,500 euros to an inexpensive 1974 model with 146,000 kilometers with documents on the history, the new car invoice and equipment with air conditioning and Sportmatic for 16,000 euros. Some vehicles that have lost their taste are also included. More in our photo show.

The most practical: Arcomobil based on VW T1

Striking, iconic, rare: the Arcomobil from 1960, which is on sale for 38,500 euros, is definitely the most practical car in Hall 6. Thanks to the roof that can be raised, there is plenty of headroom, and the canopy invites you to linger at every break. And best of all: The Arcomobil is said to have covered only 120,000 kilometers with its 1600 boxer.

The highest price per kilo : Messerschmitt Tiger for 115,000 euros

Hall 6 once again has some surprises in store, including a Messerschmitt Tiger in, well yes, we say poor fitness. Although the little rascal could go under the stamp 'original condition', something is suspicious. The price. 115,000 euros is written on the sign that says 1961 as the year of construction. That's around 295 euros for each of the 390 kilograms of the Tg 500. Too much. Significantly too much.

Because the vehicle comes from the 5th hand and even those with no knowledge of Messerschmitt will find some serious defects. The paintwork is miserable, the noses of the paint on the turn signal cutouts measure millimeters, the paint is torn in many places, the chrome condition leaves a lot to be desired. only the top shines like new - and therefore hardly fits the overall picture. You can see more of the Messerschmitt Tiger in our photo show.

The most expensive offer on the private market : Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport

4 00,000 euros - that's how much is called for the 1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport. In the year in which the Alfa brand becomes 100, it is hardly surprisingPrice, but the place of the offer. There is such a prestige in the middle between wheeled W126-S-Classes at completely exaggerated price demands, next to Golf I and umpteen Porsche. The car makes a good impression, only the fresh leather in the interior, which is stretched over the backrest, doesn't really fit.


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