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Retro Classics 2010: 40 tickets to be won

Messe Stuttgart
Retro Classics 2010
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M otor Klassik is giving away 20 times two tickets together with Retro Classics . Enjoy the fair in peace and quiet and have a pleasant day surrounded by numerous automotive gems.

The lucky winners

- Andreas Grauli from Eppingen
- Sven Arnold from Egloffstein
- Heiko Bernhard from Pfaffenweiler
- Reiner Erhard from Karlsruhe
- Klaus Thress from Munich
- Peter Tessmann from Fürstenfeldbruck
- Stephan Koehler from Frankfurt
- Andreas Hilgrath from Gärtringen
- Tilmann Weihrauch from Ingolstadt
- Wolfgang Müller from Gröbenzell
- Stefan Zeitler from Nuremberg
- Wolfgang Schmel from Greiling
- Thomas Göpfharth from Heilbronn
- Thomas Fesefeldt from Sindelfingen
- Bernd Walter from Bad Urbach
- Udo Meschede from Kempten
- Joachim Rauch from Beilstein
- Christian Binder from Neureichenau
- Britta Braitmaier from Herrenberg
- Sigrid Godau from Ostfildern

Motor Klassik congratulates and wishes you lots of fun at the Visit the Retro Classics .


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