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Residual values: loss of value after buying a new car

Achim Hartmann
Residual values ​​
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D one joy is another's sorrow. Because at the moment only customers are happy about the high discounts on new car purchases due to tough competition - retailers and vehicle manufacturers are groaning against it. But new car buyers should also be warned. Due to the large discounts on list prices, residual values ​​are coming under increasing pressure. In other words, the higher the discounts, the stronger the downward trend in performance. The rude awakening comes when the car is resold at the latest.

Favorable new car prices push down when reselling

This can be well proven by a comparison: Citroën , for example, traditionally offers high discounts, currently, for example, for the Citroën C5 around 20 percent inside. After three years, the residual value is around 46 percent of the original list price. In contrast, a comparable Opel Insignia still has a residual value of around 51 percent. The difference of five percent corresponds roughly to the difference that the new car discount makes for both vehicles in stores. So the customer has lost what he saved in the beginning.

Even leasing customers feel the loss of value

Those who finance their car are not protected from this problem either. Even customers who resort to leasing or three-way loans are affected. Even if you can conveniently return the vehicle at the end and thus do not have to fear resale, the loss in value mainly affects the monthly charges. Because with the installment and any special payment, the customer only pays for the difference between the new car price and the residual value of the vehicle. Cars that are not stable enough at this point often result in higher financing costs - unless the car manufacturer subsidizes the residual values ​​in order to remain competitive on the market with its financing conditions. The consideration of the residual values ​​should therefore play an important role when buying a car.

Loss of value can be estimated using online exchanges

In order to be able to get an overview of the operating costs of a vehicle, works auto motor und sport .de offers a free operating cost calculator . In addition, residual values ​​can be influenced by the choice of equipment. In no case should you skimp on the air conditioning, audio system or safety equipment such as ESP, ABS and airbags. Even aluminum rims, automatic transmissions in upscale models or the choice of engine have an impact on the loss of value. It shouldn't be the weak base engine or the powerful top engine. CO2 emissions and emissions standards also play a role, especially with diesel, the particulate filter should not be missing. Last but not least, it is advisable not to take great risks with color.

A loss of up to two thirds in value in three years is possible

The only question now is which models are stable in residual value. Small and compact cars in particular are currently losing little of their value. From the middle class it looks different. If you choose the wrong model here, you can destroy a lot of money. In the higher segments, up to two thirds of the purchase price paid can be lost in three years. No customer should be happy about that.


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