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Residual value overview: These are the cars with the most stable value

Residual value overview
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S You want to lease a car or sell it again in three years? Then you should inform yourself about the residual value forecast before making the purchase. We show the top 5 vehicles with the most stable value in all classes.

Residual value important for leasing

For example, Deutsche Automobiltreuhand (DAT) determines what a model will still be worth in three years. For leasing companies, the residual value is a crucial component in calculating the rate. The higher the expected residual value in the future, the lower the monthly rate can be. And even those who regularly sell their car should keep an eye on the residual value. Otherwise you end up paying extra despite the cheap new car price.

Especially the German providers are among the residual value top 5 in the respective classes. The sports car category is dominated by Porsche, and Volkswagen is listed three times in the top five for the vans. Audi also presents itself quite often - starting with the small cars through the middle class to the SUV. Mercedes and BMW are much less represented in the residual value top 5. But Toyota, Skoda and Jaguar are also clearly showing their colors in some areas. In our photo show we show you the most stable vehicles in the most important classes.


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