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Research and development 2017: VW no longer at the top

Research and Development 2017
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N And the car company has to admit defeat to four digital companies. Amazon is at the top, followed by Google parent Alphabet, Intel and Samsung. After all: In the international top 20, Toyota is 11th after VW, Ford 15th, Daimler and Honda 16th and 19th respectively.

With a total value of around 702 billion US dollars. The companies are investing 3.2% more than in 2016 (680 billion US dollars). The global research intensity (share of total R&D expenditure in relation to total sales) also reached an all-time high of 4.5% (+ 6% compared to the previous year). In 2017, the German companies surveyed spent around 4.3% more on research and development (EUR 50.8 billion) than in 2016 (EUR 48.7 billion).

In the The top 5 in Germany have not changed compared to the previous year: VW, with its R&D budget of 12.2 billion US dollars, is still number one nationally ahead of Daimler (6.9 billion US dollars), Siemens (5.5 billion US dollars) . US dollars), Bayer (4.9 billion US dollars) and BMW (4.5 billion US dollars).

For the study, 'Strategy &' identified the 1,000 listed companies with the highest published R&D expenditure worldwide. In a second step, the most important financial, sales, earnings, cost and profitability indicators of the past twelve years were analyzed for the study and brought in connection with the historical expenditures for R&D. The allocation of the companies to world regions is based on the indication of the company headquarters. The R&D expenditures that Siemens makes in the USA, for example, flow into the Europe region. In addition, the most innovative companies in the world were identified as part of a survey among international managers. Here alphabet comes before Apple and Amazon. Tesla is in fourth place, despite its low R&D budget.

Our table shows the top 25 ranking of automobile manufacturers and suppliers. Our photo show shows what new products you can expect in the next few months.


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