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Replica of Opel prototype: The rascal from Opel

Replica of Opel prototype
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E in prototype for the two-seater rascal was created at Opel in 1938 . An Opel classic car expert discovered the pictures around 70 years later and carried out further research.

Market launch of the Opel Tramp was prepared

A printable brochure appeared, which also called the key data of the roadster: 1.1 liter displacement, 23 hp, three-speed gearbox, top speed 98 km /h. Accordingly, the market launch was already well advanced, but the Second World War thwarted the plans. When the Opel Classic experts looked through the documents, an idea sprouted in you. Why not build the rascal 70 years later?

Demanding work for replica builders

No sooner said than done. The archive images served as a template for the project. A 1938 cadet was found in the camp who had been purchased to carry spare parts. During the sheet metal work, the body parts in particular presented the sheet metal artists with difficult tasks that did not correspond to the standard cadet. There had to be punched and pressed until the result corresponded to the prototype on the historical pictures. The soft top also made high demands on the imagination and skills of the restorers.

A precise gray-tone analysis of the black and white photos revealed the original color of the prototype, a deep red in which the now completed Opel Tramp shines.


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