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Renault Trezor seat sample: sports car with electric drive

Renault Trezor
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K do you call germination cycles? The small French manufacturer from Savonnières builds stylish modern bicycles - with wooden frames. And the red ash wood dashboard from the Renault study Trezor comes from Keim-Cycles - a very realistic idea when you consider that Mini uses brass and basalt for its Vision Next 100.

In the Trezor packs everything in Renault that smells of the future: lightweight construction with a carbon chassis with steel subframes at the front and rear, a powerful electric drive with an acceptable range and the ability to drive autonomously if necessary. The latter clashes a little with the idea that the Trezor should be a very sporty two-seater - who wants to just ride in a sports car? A problem that was already apparent with the Mini Vision Next 100. The difference: When you look at the Trezor, you really want to drive it, while with the Mini, the autonomous driving style seems completely acceptable.

ghtbox='{' src ':' https://imgr1.auto -motor-und-sport.de/Renault-Trezor-169FullWidthOdcPortrait-d6c6d7eb-977921.jpg','copyright':'Renault/Angelika Emmerling ',' caption ':' '}'>
Renault /Angelika Emmerling

The Trezor, the' Z 'in the name as a reference to' Zero Emission “Wears, heralds a new design era at Renault. Although the electric runabout doesn't have a stage scooter engine that is typical of a study, but has the real 350 PS engine from Formula E in the rear and thus above the drive axle, it will not come one-to-one as a series car. Rather, the car symbolizes Renault's near future design and technology. According to Laurens van den Acker, some Renault decision-makers were initially skeptical as to whether a spectacular sports car study should be built at all. When van den Acker had finished with the first drafts, he had won: “If the car is beautiful, the decision-makers will quickly come to an agreement.” We think: good for the customers, good for Renault - the decision-makers made the right decisions.


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