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Renault: order freeze for electric cars and plug-in hybrids

Due to massive delivery problems, Renault will soon no longer accept orders for electric cars and plug-in hybrids. The new Mégane E-Tech Electric is also affected.

Due to the corona pandemic, the international supply chains were under a lot of pressure even before Russia invaded Ukraine. The war of aggression in Eastern Europe, which has now been going on for a month, exacerbates the problem dramatically. That is why more and more car manufacturers are now being forced to impose order and delivery stops for some of their models. After the VW group, which paused the production of some electric and plug-in hybrid models, Renault is now taking a very similar measure.

As the French manufacturer confirmed to us when asked, Renault dealers in Germany will no longer accept orders for all BEV and PHEV cars from March 25, 2022. Only sales contracts concluded by Friday evening will still be processed. If you then want to buy an electrified Renault, you have to be patient. How long is currently still in the stars. "The goal is to clarify availability as quickly as possible and then start again with a new visibility," says Marketing Director Ralf Benecke. The Edison website quotes a dealer who assumes "that we won't be able to order electric cars for at least a month".

Order freeze also applies to the new Mégane E-Tech

Accordingly, the new Mégane E-Tech Electric (see photo show), whose sales should start in June and whose production now has to be stopped again in the middle of the ramp-up phase, is from affected by the measure. In addition, there is the electric bestseller Renault Zoe, the electrically powered van Master ZE. as well as the plug-in versions of the Mégane and Captur.

The reason for the temporary order freeze is the massive delivery problems mentioned at the beginning. Above all, there is a lack of semiconductors and cable harnesses; Before the war broke out, the automotive industry mainly sourced the latter from Ukraine. But also logistics problems and the currently strong price fluctuations for raw materials are said to have led to the order stop.

The unclear subsidy premium also plays a role

According to "Edison", however, the unclear situation regarding the innovation premium should also have played a role in the decision to take the measure. As of now, this expires at the end of the year. Economics Minister Robert Habeck wanted to clarify this year whether and in what form it will be extended; Understandably, the Green Party politician currently has other priorities. Against this background, according to the report, Renault Germany will only guarantee the payment of the manufacturer's share of the state purchase premium known as the "environmental bonus" for vehicles ordered before March 23.


Renault's plan to add another electric car bestseller to the Zoe with the new Mégane E-Tech is not going to materialize for the time being. On the contrary: Due to the currently largely collapsed supply chains in the automotive industry, the manufacturer even has to impose a general order freeze for its electric cars and plug-in hybrids. How long he will maintain this is currently not foreseeable.


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