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Renault Megane prices: from 16,790 euros

Stefan Baldaf /Guido ten Brink
Prices Renault Megane
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Renault Mégane gets a new look

p since 2008 Renault has been offering the Mégane in Germany. The compact Frenchman recently had to let the newly introduced competition buy more and more of the cutting. Now the new Renault Mégane is at the start and should win back customers. And at first glance, that could also work.

Visually, the model is based on the brand's current style. A narrow grill with a prominent rhombus logo on the front is used. The license plate area moves significantly downwards, the headlights flank the new grill and stand out with a curved line. The Mégane GT has two chrome-plated tailpipes that flank a larger diffuser. The model - exclusively in blue paintwork including the rearview mirror caps - will be available directly at the market launch. The Mégane GT maintains contact with the road with 18-inch alloy wheels covered with wide tires.


Mégane with up to 200 HP

The overhangs are a little longer at the front, but all the shorter at the rear. In between there is a flat bonnet and a slightly rising lower window line. The window areas appear narrow. The four-door hatchback also features narrow horizontal lights and a large roof spoiler. The model will be 25 millimeters flatter than the Mégane 3, so it will be 1,456 millimeters high. Otherwise, the information on the dimensions is still rudimentary: it is 47 mm wider at the front and 39 mm at the rear. The wheelbase is extended by 28 mm to 2,669 millimeters.


Prices Renault Mégane

Technically, the new Renault Mégane will use the brand's modular system. The engines come from the Espace. So he gets the 130 PS strong 1.6-liter diesel, which comes to 160 PS via twin-turbo charging.

The petrol engines also have a 1.6-liter engine - this has the same output as the Clio 200 PS. The 0.9-liter three-cylinder with 90 hp forms the engine entry point. For the interior of the new Mégane, Renault provides the tablet display familiar from the Espace in the redesigned dashboard.

The new Renault Mégane, which comes with a 5-year guarantee, is available at prices starting at 16,790 euros . At this price there is the French with the 100 hp turbo gasoline engine. With 132 hp, the Mégane costs from 19,790 euros, the 205 hp petrol engine is only available as a GT and only from 29,090 euros.

The diesel entry-level model is the dCi 90 for 19,990 euros. The 110 hp diesel version costs at least 21,190 euros. The 130 hp diesel in the Mégane is only available from 25,090 euros. The Mégane is offered in the equipment versions Life, Experience, Intens and GT-Line. In addition there are the top model Mégane GT and the Bose edition.

Stefan Baldaf /Guido ten Brink

Seat sample Renault Mégane

On the outside, the new Renault Mégane is unmistakable with its lights, inside the compact asserts itself 8.7 inch vertical touchscreen from VW Golf and Co. The monitor, known from the Renault Espace, reacts promptly to touch commands. Only when zooming in and out on the navigation map does the Mégane allow itself a little break to calculate.

To the right of the display, the compact car lights up a few buttons on the surface like a smartphone. For example, the display can be switched off hereRegulate the volume or switch to the assistance systems. But it doesn't work entirely without real buttons. Under the touchscreen, the driver and front passenger can still press eleven buttons and play on two rotary controls.

The French made the upper area of ​​the dashboard from soft-touch material. The glove compartment is made of hard plastic. This mixture runs through the entire interior. Light strips in the side doors and in the center console create an ambience.

The driver looks at analog and digital displays in the instrument panel. The Renault Mégane changes its digital display depending on the driving mode. For example, if the pilot switches to sport mode, the golf opponent fades in the rev counter centrally.

There is no pinching anywhere on the seats. In the Renault Mégane GT they are even more staffed than in the standard version. In addition, Renault trims the sporty version with paddle shifters, which can be reached without twisting fingers, and aluminum pedals.

The all-round view suffers somewhat from the wide C-pillar. Tall people do not have to bend their heads in the rear. At a height of 1.86 meters, the palm of your hand can fit between your hair and the headliner. At least on the outside courts. The passenger in the middle of the back seat shouldn't be fully grown. The storage compartments in the rear doors are a bit small. A large bottle doesn't fit in here.

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