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Renault Master Z.E. Electric transporter: range, price

Renault Master ZE (2018) Elektro-Transporter
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D he large capacity van Renault Master ZE with the electric drive from the Kangoo is offered in three lengths and two heights. For use in the Master, Renault has increased the power of the electric motor to 76 hp, the torque is 225 Nm. The battery is installed under the loading floor and should not limit the loading volume: As with the diesel model, it is between 8 and 13 cubic meters. Renault specifies the payload at 975 to 1,377 kilograms. Three body variants are available: The 5.05 meter long base model is available with 1.70 meters and 1.89 meters of loading space height. The medium version with a length of 5.55 meters and the long master with a length of 6.20 meters each have an interior height of 1.89 meters.

The master ZE charges electricity for 200 km on a wallbox in six hours.

With its 33 kWh battery, the Master Z.E. Go 200 kilometers. It then takes six hours for the wallbox to reach full capacity. The battery should be able to recharge its batteries for a distance of 25 kilometers within an hour. The electric master reaches a top speed of 100 km /h. If desired, this can also be reduced to 90 km /h in order to save energy.

A preheating function, in which the interior is tempered during the charging process, should also protect the range. The connection for the charging cable is on the right-hand side - where the fuel filler neck is on the combustion engine.Renault supplies a cable for the wallbox and public charging points, and a 230-volt charging cable is on board for emergencies. The prices start at 59,900 euros including the battery.

The Kangoo ZE can also be charged at the wallbox.

With the battery, the Kangoo Z.E. so 35,605 euros. The Maxi comes to 36,760 euros including the battery. Anyone who drives 30,000 kilometers a year will have paid for the battery after three and a half years.

One hour on the wallbox for 35 km

In future, the Kangoo can also be charged on a wallbox with 230 volts , an empty battery will reach its full capacity in six hours. In one hour, electricity should flow from the wallbox for 35 kilometers into the battery. A cable for the wallbox and public charging points is standard, and a 230-volt cable for emergencies is also to be offered.

Renault has also revised the engine and transmission of the small delivery van. The R60 engine from the Cléon plant has an output of 60 hp. A heat pump in the air conditioning system improves efficiency. When the Kangoo is charging, the interior can be preheated, which the driver can program using the app or steering wheel buttons.


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