Renault joins Heycar

The French car company Renault Group joins Heycar. The used car platform was founded by VW in 2017.

The used car platform Heycar, founded by VW in 2017, has also aroused interest in France. The Renault Group and its own financial services provider RCI Bank and Services are involved. After VW and Daimler, Renault is the third automaker to own part of Heycar.

In addition to Germany, Heycar is currently also selling used cars in Great Britain and Spain, which are offered by affiliated dealers. With its investment, Renault wants to advance the development of the platform in France.

Renault thinks holistically

"This agreement is part of our strategy to add value at every stage of a car's life cycle," says Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault. Part of this is also the Re-Factory project, as part of which Renault is building a center for circular economy. In the Flins plant, for example, used batteries from electric cars will then be recycled.


The used car trade is increasingly becoming the focus of car manufacturers. After VW and Daimler, Renault is now also a shareholder of the online platform Heycar.


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