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Renault is investing one billion euros in electric mobility

One billion euros for works in France
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P orto Santo is a small Portuguese island northeast of Madeira. In a good one and a half hours' flight time from Lisbon you can reach the 42 square kilometer patch of land on which not even 6,000 people live. The journey time to Madeira is two to three hours by ferry.

Why do we mention this here? Porto Santo is to become a showcase for electric mobility from the French car manufacturer Renault.

The goal is traffic with electric cars that get their electricity entirely from renewable energy sources. There are ideal conditions for this on Porto Santo: wind farms and solar systems are already in service on the island.

dGUvIiwiZWxlbWVudCI6ImFkcy5BcnRDb25NaXR0ZSIsInBhcmFtcyI6e30sImlzTW9iaWxlIjpmYWxznisABLE. <>! the employees in France a perspective in the transition from the combustion engine to the electric car. A new technology platform is being developed in Douai in northern France, which will also be used by Stromers from Renault's alliance partners Mitsubishi and Nissan Successor generation of the small electric car will be doubled. The successor to the current Kangoo is to be built in Maubeuge, of which there will also be an electric version again.

Renault has announced a new generation of electric motors for 2021. In the future, they will probably also be used in models from Mitsubishi and Nissan from French production, the factory in Cléon will be made fit for a tripling of production capacities.


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