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Renault Fluence: New compact sedan from Renault

Renault Fluence now available from dealers
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K classic notchback sedans with a separate trunk have in this country below middle class only a small fan base. In Germany, buyers prefer the compact hatchback with a large tailgate, or they choose the station wagon.

Renault Fluence with an independent appearance

Despite the general growth in size in recent years, little has changed in these habits, although so-called compact notchback sedans with dimensions of around 4.60 Meters now to a length that was considered a mid-range format only a short time ago. In other parts of Europe the interest in classic sedans is significantly higher, which is why Renault is rolling the new Fluence off the production line in Bursa, Turkey. In the German model range of the French is the 4.62 meter long Renault Fluence is the only notchback four-door and fits between Renault Mégane and the larger Renault Laguna. Technically, the Renault Fluence is based on the Mégane, but with the different name, the sedan also has an independent appearance with an individual front section, a roof section that lowers backwards at an early stage and a high rear.

Notchback sedan with plenty of cargo space

The wheelbase, which has been extended to 2.70 meters, matches that of the Renault Mégane estate version Grandtour and gives the Renault Fluence balanced proportions and enough leg room for the rear passengers. Although it lacks the large tailgate that is otherwise common in Renault, the halves of the asymmetrically split rear seat backrest can be folded forward to expand the luggage compartment, which is not small anyway. None of the competitors has more than the Renault Fluence's 530 liters of cargo space. Behind the steering wheel, on the other hand, is the well-known instrument panel from the Mégane, with one small difference: Renault Fluence drivers always look at analog displays for engine speed and engine speed, while Mégane drivers - with the exception of the GT - receive the speed digitally.

Motors come from the Mégane range

Limited in terms of drive rangethe Renault Fluence has four engines from the wide range of Mégane. The two-liter petrol engine with 140 hp, which is only available in the Mégane in conjunction with the continuously variable CVT automatic transmission, is also available in the Renault Fluence with a six-speed manual transmission. The more efficient, 130 hp TCe turbo gasoline engine is not available for this. The combination of diesel engine and automatic transmission, which is rarely offered in this class but is therefore not uninteresting, will only be available for the Renault Fluence from the beginning of 2011. Renault then combines the more powerful of the two 1.5 dCi engines for an extra charge of 1,300 euros with the new six-speed dual clutch transmission EDC, which does not cause additional consumption in the standard cycle.

Prices start at 17,950 euros

The The French underline the comfort-oriented orientation of the Renault Fluence with appropriate equipment. Air conditioning, CD radio and cruise control are already included in the basic Expression version, while the € 2,000 more expensive Dynamique version also offers automatic air conditioning, parking sensors at the rear and keyless entry. In addition, headlights and windshield wipers switch on automatically, while blinds on the rear windows protect against strong sunlight. Prices start at 17,950 euros, which puts the four-door model in the midfield compared to the competition. However, the Fluence will not make its grand entrance until next year as the first electric car from Renault: Then
is expanding the range with a purely electrically powered version - with exchangeable lithium-ion batteries and performance on par with the Renault Fluence 1.6.


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