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Renault exhaust scandal: diesel fraud for 25 years?

Renault exhaust scandal
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I n the affair, high-ranking managers up to Renault boss Carlos Ghosn are said to be involved. The authority accuses the automaker of developing software to 'falsify the results of emissions tests'. Citing a former employee, some practices for manipulating the emissions tests are said to have been introduced as early as 1990. According to the responsible ministry of economics, the fraudulent software could have been installed in up to 900,000 cars with a total value of 16.8 billion euros. In a statement on the latest allegations, Renault said that its diesel vehicles were not equipped with fraudulent software.

In France, after the VW emissions scandal became known, tests were carried out on many cars. In many vehicles, the permissible limit values ​​were clearly exceeded.

Renault could face a fine of up to 3.5 billion euros

As Spiegel reports, several car clubs and consumer associations have already announced that they will to participate as a civil plaintiff in a possible proceeding. Should the allegations prove to be legally sound, Renault faces a fine of up to ten percent of its turnover - around 3.5 billion euros. The state has a 20 percent stake in Renault and has already asked the manufacturer to make the necessary improvements to the affected vehicles.

Two Renault models also recently failed in the NOx test conducted by auto motor und sport magazine high NOx values ​​in real road traffic. A Renault Espace dCi 160 showed one of the highest NOx values ​​of all diesel models with Euro 6 engines that have been tested by auto motor und sport. Despite a cautious driving style, the Espace emitted 15.3 times the limit value on the 100 km long ams test lap and achieved 1,222 mg nitrogen oxide per kilometer. The Renault Mégane dCi 110 emitted 9.9 times the NOx limit value in real traffic.


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