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Renault Clio production remains in France

Hans-Dieter Seufert
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D he said production of the small car in Spain and Slovenia will be ended Renault Managing Director Patrick Pelata on Wednesday (January 13th) after a conversation with Industry Minister Christian Estrosi. The Renault Clio is 'always' built in Flins near Paris, said Pelata, according to RTL. Renault plans to build electric cars in Flins in the future.

Storm of government protests prevents Clio production in Turkey

Government spokesman Luc Chatel said that President Nicolas Sarkozy had Renault boss Carlos Ghosn in the Elysée Palace ordered. According to RTL, the state, as the largest shareholder (with a good 15 percent), could demand six posts on Renault's board of directors in order to influence the strategic decisions more strongly. In 2009 the state had Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroën supported with three billion euros each. Under pressure from the EU Commission, Paris waived the consideration not to close any French plant.

So far, the Renault bestseller has been Renault Clio in Flins, Valladolid (Spain), Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Cordoba (Argentina) and Bursa (Turkey) built. On Friday the financial newspaper 'La Tribune' reported that Renault wanted to relocate the production of the fourth generation of Clio from Flins to Bursa. This triggered a storm of protest from the government, parties and unions. Estrosi declared in parliament: 'We will not allow the Clio 4 will be built in Turkey. The Renault will be built in France to be sold in France. '


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