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Renault Clio Grand Tour & amp; Renault Kangoo: family cars in profile

Renault Clio Grandtour & Renault Kangoo
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W uring the long, rocky, and always popular promotion of promotion, the station wagon brought acceptance to society as a whole, the panel van still has a revolutionary image. As if he had set up a couple of roadblocks between a little free love in Paris in the year 68. The self-irony with which Renault advertised the Kangoo I in 1997 also contributed to the poor civil reputation - the spot addressed the intimate relationship between the Kangoo and a rhinoceros.

The Kangoo holds a maximum of 2,688 liters

Even so, panel vans are the gullwing families dream of. Behind its split tailgate, the Kangoo bunkers a maximum of 2,688 liters - the Clio Grandtour packs less than half of that despite its almost identical length. While looking at the Clio cargo space one wonders how best to store a stroller, with the Kangoo one wonders how many will fit in there. The Grandtour is definitely one of the spacious small vans, creates an almost level loading area with a bit of inconvenience, makes packing easier thanks to its low loading edge and stows its blind in the intermediate floor to save space

What doesn’t change the fact that the Kangoo remains unreachable for the Clio in all loading criteria: The rear seats of the box, which can also be reasonably expected for three adults, can be completely lowered into the floor in two easy steps, and the front passenger seat can also be placed flat . Thanks to the almost 33 centimeters higher external height and the high-positioned rear seat, child seats can be fitted and the children can be strapped in much more easily than in the Clio. The extremely practical side sliding doors on the Kangoo play a part in this, allowing contortion-free access to the rear even in tight parking spaces. Lots of clever details - an additional rear-view mirror for the driver to keep an eye on the children on the back seat, folding tables or a large number of shelves - make everyday life in the Kangoo easier.

The Kangoo cannot hide its vicious nature

The Clio Grandtour does not come up against this. It can never hide the fact that it is just a slightly more spacious small car. In a positive sense, this is noticeable in terms of handiness. Narrow streets, in which the beefy Kangoo has to fear for its exterior mirrors, is loosened by the narrower, much more manageable and agile Clio. Basically, the Kangoo can not completely hide its vicious nature: The five-speed gearbox hackles, the noise insulationcan easily be drowned out by the engine - and the handling? Something like that probably didn't play a major role in the specifications. Standard ESP and side head airbags also not, which is surprising in a family car from a company that otherwise draws a lot of attention to the issue of safety.

The Kangoo is around 3,200 euros more expensive than the Clio Grandtour

These are not the only gaps in the Kangoo's equipment. As a 1.6 16V Expression, powered by a sufficiently spirited but not very economical 106 hp petrol engine, it only comes with air conditioning and CD radio for an extra charge. With the Clio Grandtour 1.2 TCe Dynamique with the 100 hp, cultivated and spirited turbo gasoline engine, all of this is part of the standard equipment, plus minor things such as electric exterior mirrors and alloy wheels. Significantly higher than the difference in the base prices of the two versions - 16,450 euros for the Kangoo, 16,300 for the Clio - is the difference with comparable equipment: The Kangoo costs around 3,200 euros more than the Clio Grandtour. A lot of money for a car that also has a lot more to offer.


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