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Renault Adventure Testdrive: Active weekend with the Renault Kadjar

Arturo Rivas
Renault Adventure Testdrive
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Shortly after the first coffee of the early morning, the R enault Kadjar brave his rear wheel in the air - for Joy of all involved. We're in the Nürburgring Offroad Park and let 16 happy readers chase eight brand new Kadjar over hill and dale. The start of the action weekend with the Renault SUV, which we raffled off in previous editions. Selected from the many hundreds of applicants, 16 winners are now looking at the interlacing track of the Offroad Park at the Nürburgring.

'You will be surprised what the car can do here,' calls instructor Rainer into his walkie-talkie and leads the group up and down steep slopes, then through quicksand and finally over the huge humps of the entanglement track. Sedans and station wagons would mercilessly crush the oil pans - the Kadjar comfortably balances over it as if it were just a few inconspicuous molehills. Respect!

Renault Kadjar surprisingly good in the field

As unusual as most of the participants find his name, they are amazed at the 4 × 4 talents of the new Renault. We are sitting in the car with Wolfgang, who has traveled from Lake Constance and actually loves small roadsters. He knows that the Kadjar is based on the Nissan Qashqai and therefore suspects the solid terrain characteristics. He also likes the lateral support of the driver's seat and the large panoramic roof.

The slight starting weakness of the 1.6 diesel, on the other hand, takes getting used to - especially off-road when very little happens when you disengage. 'Always keep it up to speed, that's no problem', instructor Rainer calls into the radio. “If you stall the car,” says reader Joshua happily and smiles at his girlfriend Nadja, “the car will start again by itself. Thanks to the automatic start-stop system. “

Climbing, cycling, barbecuing

After a short snack, it rolls Group already overland, curved roads lead to the nearby climbing forest. Everyone is pleasantly surprised by the smooth running of the diesel. Reader Roy says: 'An automatic would round off the harmony.' Unfortunately, that doesn't exist in climbing either. After a briefing, the readers work their way up highfrom tree to tree. The very brave run straight down a wooden wall or try the free fall.

There is also a good shot of adrenaline in the evening in front of the barbecue tent. Three popular freestyle bikers jump skilfully over ramps and perform somersaults. Applause! Then delicious from the BBQ and off to bed. Sunday will not be a Sunday. Mountain biking is on the program. After another round in the Kadjar, the readers sit in the saddle, get tips from the professionals and then cycle on challenging routes through the terrain. In the end, everyone knows how much talent it takes to cope well on and off-road. Just like the kadjar.


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