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Refueling abroad: Cheaper fuel at the neighbors

Fuel prices in Germany are falling. But what about our neighbors in Europe with the prices for petrol and diesel? Is it still worth a trip across the border?

Nine countries border Germany and a look across the borders reveals astonishing price differences. While, for example, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium or Switzerland sometimes show significantly higher fuel prices on the price boards, four neighboring countries (prices for the Czech Republic are currently not available) - France, Austria, Poland and Luxembourg - are sometimes significantly below German prices. The average is 1.66 euros per liter of E10 and 1.79 euros for diesel.

France is planning another tank discount

France granted every tank customer a discount of 18 cents per liter from April. This campaign lasted four months and the discount was deducted directly when paying at the petrol station. This measure cost France around two billion euros. Then France had decided on another tank rebate. From September 1st to the end of October, the discount increased from 18 to 30 cents per liter. In the period from November to December, the subsidy drops to ten cents per liter and expires at the end of the year.

Since April 1, 2022, the Netherlands has reduced fuel taxes by 21 percent. The government presented a corresponding package with a total volume of 2.8 billion euros. Gasoline is thus around 17 cents cheaper, diesel around 11 cents.

Accordingly, the trip to the neighbors is also worthwhile for residents ( How much fuel can I bunker? ). But: The amount of fuel that can be imported into Germany is limited. Anyone returning from Poland, for example, can bring a full tank and 20 liters in a reserve can across the border.

However, private imports in canisters from Luxembourg are not permitted. In principle, "tank" tourists should carry fuel receipts with them in case customs check in the border area. If you carry more than the maximum amount in the car, you must subsequently pay the taxes applicable in Germany for the excess fuel.

The fuel prices in Germany are made up of many taxes , here the value added tax and also the energy tax play a major role. The CO₂ tax and the oil storage tax are subordinate.

By the way: If you think you can fill up your diesel car with cheap vegetable oil, you should read this article first .

, Are you looking for cheap fuel in Germany? For an up-to-date overview, you can use our free fuel price app "Refuel more" ( Google Play Store or Apple App Store ), which displays the current fuel prices, a price forecast and cheap gas stations nearby.


Four of Germany's eight neighbors have lower fuel prices (Czech Republic prices are currently not available). The small trip across the border is worthwhile for residents. But be careful, you are not allowed to bring unlimited fuel with you.


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